March 9, 2020

Club Spotlight: Women in Business

As a first-year student in the MSM-Finance program, Aditi Deshmukh recognizes the importance of supporting up-and-coming women in the business world. Aditi, president of Weatherhead’s Women in Business Club, hopes to inspire others to take advantage of the resources and tools that the club provides.  

  1. Why did you decide to get involved in the Women in Business Club?

As an undergraduate student, I participated in the Women in Science and Engineering Roundtable (WISER). After a rewarding experience, I wanted something with the same energy in grad school. I soon realized that I had to take on that role. So naturally, I ran for president of Weatherhead Women in Business (WIB).

  1. What events or projects are coming up for the remainder of the year? What have you done so far?

We just had our first event for the semester which was the Galentine’s Day Speed Mentoring event. Students had the opportunity to sit one-on-one with the nine professionals from varying industries and ask for advice or questions on how to navigate job applications, educational backgrounds, career tips, etc.  It was a great networking opportunity for both the students and the mentors to build long-term relationships. We had mentors saying they wish they had this opportunity as students and students telling us that they wanted more of these events. It was so rewarding to hear!

In regards to upcoming events, we are co-sponsoring the Ellipsis Institute Women of Color in the Academy’s Annual Conference which will take place from March 25 – 26.  Our next WIB event is in collaboration with the Urban Land Institute and will take place on April 17.  The program will consist of a real-estate themed networking and speaker panel.  We will be inviting speakers from various areas to provide students with an idea of different path opportunities within this sector. The exposure to great people in Cleveland is amazing, but learning about a new industry or even learning more about an industry is a great way for students to become more well-rounded!

  1. Why do you think this club, especially in today’s world, is so important?

In today’s world of growing diversity and inclusion, organizations such as Women in Business have a responsibility to continue the acceleration of progress by equipping their members with resources and skills to succeed in today’s workforce.  In today’s work environment, it is no longer a question of awareness of inequality or acceptance of women’s capability, but rather a matter of ensuring the execution of women’s opportunities.   Our challenges today focus more on speaking up against inequity, not accepting the status quo, and ensuring women do not subtly succumb into a stereotypical hierarchy in efforts of climbing the ladders of leadership. It is our obligation to pave the path and help the next generation move up, we can only achieve equality when all hands are on deck.

That being said, the great part of our organization is it is an all-inclusive club for both men and women.  By engaging men in our networks, I feel we are more aptly addressing the initiative through dual directions.  On one hand, women can take great value from having male members in their network. While the men in our group can greatly benefit from the insights and perspectives of female leaders and peers.  This is also a great way for the men to become aware of biases they may not have realized before.  Together both the men and women become ambassadors for a more diversified, gender-balanced corporate culture. No one is winning, if we’re all not winning.

  1. How do you think the Women in Business club will help you and other members after you graduate and leave Weatherhead?

“Innovate, Network, Support, Promote, Inform, Reach out and encourage Entrepreneurship (INSPIRE).” 

Based on our mission statement, Women in Business INSPIREs its members.  Even after graduation, I hope to retain my WIB community that I have formed through attending events and joining the Weatherhead Women in Business LinkedIn group.  The inclusive community that we have developed allows our members to seek mentorship, finesse their personality and skills, gain confidence, and ultimately obtain success in their professions.  Through Women in Business, both the men and women of our organization are equipped with the outlook to excel and lead on the basis of their hard work and knowledge creating a foundation for an undifferentiated, meritocratic workforce. We will always have our connection of WIB and that honor will allow for a force that can’t be reckoned with.

  1. How can interested students join the club or participate?

Students can reach out to me at or our vice-president, Manpreet “Preeti” Kaur at  They can also join our LinkedIn group and utilize CampusGroups.

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