September 25, 2019

One Month Down: Life of a Graduate Student

Classes are in full swing, assignments and events are filling your calendar, and your career search (should be!) moving along. School is officially back in session!
After a month of being back on campus, we reached out to a few students to see just how 
Weatherhead has already made an impression on each of them.

Manpreet “Preeti” Kaur, MSM-Finance Candidate 2020

What is the most interesting aspect about Cleveland?
I think the most interesting aspect of Cleveland are the plethora of things to do here, from sports matches to the theater district and all the nature aspects.

What did you like about orientation?
Some of the aspects that I enjoyed about orientation were meeting my fellow cohorts, being introduced to the staff, and the free lunches! It was great meeting people who are in the same boat as me, it helped me feel less alone, having moved about 400 miles away from home. The faculty and staff at Weatherhead are incredibly amazing and listening to their backgrounds was awe inspiring.

What clubs did you join and why?
 I joined all the clubs, because they all seemed so impressive and I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could from my peers. NETWORKING!

What are you most excited for in this coming year?
I’m most excited to the Speaker Series! This is something new for me, I have not been exposed to industry experts before and I’m always blown away by the talent that enters the walls of Weatherhead.

What has been most surprising to you since coming to Cleveland/joining the program? 
Not only are the faculty impressive here, but the students are incredible. The knowledge these students have and are willing to share with me is kindness that I did not always get in New York. Being in the Midwest is a different but good vibe. People are nice here. It’s refreshing.

Suman Bramhacharya, MSM-Business Analytics Candidate 2021

What is the most interesting aspect about Cleveland?
There is still a lot to explore for me. I would say the variety of industries. I see a lot of banking and financial industries around. Cleveland Clinic, one of the top hospitals in U.S is here. So, there are a lot of career opportunities for us.   

What did you like about Orientation?
During orientation, we were given information about academic integrity and policies, campus safety, health and services, career management resources, sexual misconduct etc. which I liked a lot. This information is vital to students so that they know how and where to get help when needed. During separate orientation, specific to my MSBA program, I got to meet people form Cleveland Cavaliers team and learn how analytics is being used to improve their business.   

What clubs did you join and why?
I joined multicultural club, marketing club, operations club, global associations of risk professionals club and design club. I wanted to get more engaged in club events and it is a nice way to build new connections, meet new people and develop professional skills. 

What are you most excited for in this coming year?
I'm most excited for meeting new people, making connections and building up my professional network.  

What has been most surprising to you since coming to Cleveland/joining the program? 
Diversity. I have never seen such a huge population of international students on campus before. 

Gina Moss, MAcc Candidate 2021

What is the most interesting aspect about Cleveland?
 Diversity. In the one month that I've been here, I've met so many people from so many different counties. Diversity is also seen in food options. I've been exposed to Asian and Indian food along with frog and octopus.

What did you like about Orientation?
The best part of orientation was getting to know my new classmates and other people in my program.

What clubs did you join and why?
So far I joined Beta Alpha Psi. I saw this as a great opportunity to network with the professionals and build relationships with fellow students. 

What are you most excited for in this coming year?
Graduation. Although I'll be sad to leave, I'm looking forward to my family and friends flying in to celebrate this milestone with me.

What has been most surprising to you since coming to Cleveland/joining the program? 
The amount of support and resources available. Joining the program I thought I'd be alone and left to navigate the university on my own. Everyone is extremely nice and willing to help. Also, there is literally an office for everything with tons of people eager to help. 

Learn more about the Career Management Office at Weatherhead School of Management.

September 11, 2019

#WhereIsWeatherhead Roundup

Welcome back to a new semester!

Weatherhead students were busy this summer. From South Africa to Charlotte to right here in Cleveland, our students completed internships in a variety of industries. To share their stories and showcase their accomplishments, we created the hashtag #WhereIsWeatherhead. Here’s a snapshot of their experiences.

Zach Hennessey traveled to Portugal, where he worked as a consultant for the REDAngels investment network. Zach, a senior with dual majors in International Business and International Studies, consulted with the firm’s various startups and helped discover and manage current and future investments for the portfolio. 

Allison Zmozynski spent her summer in the Bank of America Consumer MBA program, product and strategy track. The Consumer MBA program is a 10-week internship at Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Allison assisted with business strategy development, data analysis and process improvement. She will graduate from the full-time MBA program in May 2020. 

Karina Husodo, a student in the ORSC program, was an intern at Moen this summer, Karina worked in the supply chain department on the Center of Excellence Team, where she worked to improve the demand forecasting algorithm.  
Sean Chen, a student in the MSM-Finance program in the Big Data track, has been a Data Analyst Intern in the Cleveland Clinic Investment Office since January 2019. He works in the Operational and Risk department and is focused on developing sufficient analysis and data visualization to find data quality errors quickly.

Vaibhav Khurana interned with the Cleveland Clinic's Payment Innovation Team. As the Cleveland Clinic Weatherhead Healthcare Scholar, he is involved with researching and evaluating the hospital’s position on healthcare payment and policy reforms as well as assessing proposed value-based healthcare models such as CMS’ proposals for Oncology Care, Radiation Oncology, End Stage Renal Disease Models and other episodic payments. Vaibhav graduates in May 2020 with dual MBA-MSM Finance degrees focusing on healthcare and operations. 

Michael Volkening worked in South Africa for Zlto, a FinTech startup that uses blockchain technology, paired with its own currency, to combat the youth unemployment rate – currently at 55%. Michael is a junior studying business finance and will pursue a MSM-Finance degree at Weatherhead.