February 19, 2019

International Alumni Panel

Every year, the Career Management Office hosts an  International Alumni Panel and Luncheon where international alumni share their past experiences and how they landed positions in the United States. 

This year, an alum traveled from New York City and Chicago. Several alum working in Cleveland came as well. We had a wonderful response with 15 alumni back on campus for the annual event in early February.  This event is an effective way to get first-hand knowledge on the career search as an international student.

We caught up with WSOM graduate students who shared their thoughts on the event.

What was the best advice you heard during the International Alumni Panel?

“The best advice received was to keep moving forward and not lose hope in this process. Keep yourself motivated. You have the skills.” Divyesha Kadlag, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

 “To keep the faith. At the very end, there will be something good waiting for each one of us.” Hugo Bonetti, MBA Candidate 2020

Actually I heard a lot of useful advice from this panel. For me, the one touched me most is to stick to one thing that you think is right. This piece of advice is given by Kun, the AVP of Credit Risk Methodology at Deutsche Bank in New York. She shared the story of her friends who insisted to find a position in NYC and tried everything she could to finally make it. This story gives me the confidence to strive in the future.” Lili Fu, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

Did you learn anything surprising or new?

“We should keep applying and networking because you never know which process will end up bringing the opportunity. Every person has a different story. There is no right or wrong way. The right way is the one that works.” Divyesha Kadlag, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

Every international student passes through this painful process, it is normal for us. Another big takeaway: the majority of available places for internationals are technical companies. It does not mean we need to change everything and try to follow this path for our entire lives, but it means we have better chances to at least get inside any company in technical positions.Hugo Bonetti, MBA Candidate 2020

Yes, I learned a lot. I learned how to reach out to a person on LinkedIn. I learned how to use Global to check the sponsoring history of a company.  I learned that I might need to apply to 100 or 200 positions before really getting one because everyone is experiencing this process, the job will not fall from the sky.” Lili Fu, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

Would you recommend this event to incoming international students?

“Definitely. I was about to give up on the job search, but this session kept me going.” Divyesha Kadlag, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

Definitely. An exceptional opportunity to hear the histories and advice from the ones who have already passed through what we are experiencing.” Hugo Bonetti, MBA Candidate 2020

I would definitely recommend this to others.  It is true that you always can learn from others who are older than you because everything you experience, they already have before. So don't be shy or hesitate to reach out to them for help!” Lili Fu, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

We highly recommend that students attend next year, and every future opportunity that involves alumni. Remember to frequently check CareerLink to see what Workshops and Information Sessions will be happening next!