June 19, 2019

Keep Weatherhead on Your Calendar This Summer

Summer break provides a great opportunity to unwind after spring semester ends. But it’s also one of the best times to network, improve your interview skills and search for job or internship opportunities. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Join the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club. Socialize with other members at events around town or take part in volunteer opportunities. You get to network with other young professionals and have fun doing it.
  2. Visit Handshake often for job and internship opportunities. Not familiar with this search tool used by thousands of employers? Learn more here.
  3. Take an alumnus out for coffee. Search Weatherhead’s alumni group on LinkedIn for graduates whose careers align with your interests. Have plenty of questions ready and be prepared to listen for some great advice.
  4. Practice your interview skills.  The Career Management Office is open for the summer (Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 5 pm & Friday, 9 am – 3 pm). Make an appointment for a mock interview with our staff, who can help you anticipate interview questions and come up with great responses.

May 3, 2019

How to Wear Your Cap and Gown

Calling all graduates! 

Congratulations! Now that you have mastered the quantitative skills required to manage finances and developed the emotional intelligence to lead people and organizations, there is one more difficult, yet important task for you to learn: How to put on a graduation cap and gown! Don't worry, Weatherhead is here to help!

Before you step inside your graduation regalia on commencement day, take two minutes to watch our video on how to wear a cap and gown.

April 19, 2019

Portugal Spring Break 2019

Each year, a different country around the globe is chosen to explore during spring break and learn about entrepreneurs and leaders of businesses across the globe. This year, students had the opportunity to study in Portugal including Lisbon and Porto for the International Institute MBA course. 

Hear what students have to say about their experience.

Jonathan Lerner, MBA ‘19
Going to Portugal was a pretty amazing experience.  Throughout our time in Lisbon and Porto, it was fascinating to learn about the entrepreneurial ecosystems being developed and how larger corporations and schools are aiding in their development.  My favorite aspect of the trip was touring the future site of the Lisbon Creative Hub, one of the largest entrepreneurial hubs in the world.  I loved learning about how these hubs do not only impact business in the city, but also the culture and day to day lives of the people.  Overall, the people of Portugal were very nice and accepting, and I am very excited to go back soon!”

Shanelle Smith, MBA ‘19
Portugal was an amazing experience, and in particular, I loved meeting with a local start-up at their office on Oeiras Beach in Lisbon.  One of the best parts of our trip was immersing ourselves in Portuguese business culture and history. We got a chance to visit Palacio Nacional Da Pena in Sintra which told the rich history of the Portuguese royal family, and we visited Amorim Cork, a cork manufacturer. At Amorim, we learned how they are leveraging the sustainability of their product to grow their business beyond cork stoppers but into other industries. For example, Amorim is using cork to create shock pads for artificial turf with the hopes of lessening athletic injuries. I also did a little shopping in Porto, Portugal and bought jeweled headpieces for my wedding in October. I can't wait to have a little of Portugal with me on that day.”

Bailey Capelle, MBA ‘20
"During Spring Break 2019, we, as Case Western Reserve University MBA students, visited three cities in Portugal: Lisbon, Sintra, and Porto. Within those cities, we had to opportunity to observe a US/Portuguese acquisition in-progress as well as to learn about local start-ups and other entrepreneurial endeavors taking place throughout the country. The companies we interacted with and the people we met were simply amazing. None, however, we quite as amazing as Cozinha Popular da Mouraria.

The company our group was to focus on is Cozinha Popular da Mouraria, and we were fortunate enough to see the organization in action: we had the privilege of experiencing lunch as their customers. The experience was humbling, and I wish we could have spent more time hearing about the company’s missions and programs. The founder is truly an amazing woman.

The overall mission of the non-profit is to empower refugees and former prisoners through gastronomy, and the organization stays true to its mission by hiring the unemployed within its own neighborhood. Every chef that works in the kitchen has roots in the area, making the organization feel more like a family than place of employment. When the founder was discussing her desires to grow the organization she followed her goals with the idea that, although they want to grow to be able to help more people, they “cannot lose their soul” in the process. Therefore, they have implemented a slow growth model in hopes of maintaining a people-centered organization.  

The food reflects the multicultural traditions of the neighborhood, which does more than simply fill people’s stomachs. The connecting of cultures on the table creates an equalizing space. In this space everyone eats together, regardless of experiences and backgrounds. As foreigners, we felt this love first hand; we were immediately accepted, and were served amazing food (Feijoada, Bacalhau à Bras, Cálso Verde, and more!). 

The beauty of this non-profit does not stop with the restaurant. The organization also spearheads urban gardening projects within the neighborhood. Currently, there is a group of employees that monitor the fruit trees within the city as well as within citizens’ backyards to ensure that no ripe fruit is wasted. The founder alluded to more projects to come. I hope to soon learn more as we continue to support and follow their growth." 

Learn more about the MBA program at Weatherhead.

March 20, 2019

Spring Break 2019: Finance Trek in Chicago

Fifteen students in the MSM-Finance program enjoyed an eventful Finance City Trek in Chicago on Thursday, March 14th and Friday, March 15th. City treks give students an internal glimpse of American business operations and the opportunity to network with peers and potential employers for future jobs and internship opportunities.

The group started the trek at Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) with a tour of the trading floor and seeing the action in the trading pits.  They also learned about cyber security directly from a member of the team, who is an alum of Weatherhead, and who protects one quadrillion dollars of trades. Trading Technologies was next on the agenda. Students were given a tour of the office and learned about the leading software tech company conducting the electronic trading. They ended the day in style with alum Jim Treleaven who hosted students at the Union League Club of Chicago.  

Friday included a trip to Morningstar where students learned about their investment research, career opportunities and held a Q & A session with four employees currently in the Morningstar Development Program.  The students ended the trip at TechNexus, a company that ‘aligns startups and enterprises to drive commercial activity that solves real world problems’ – similar to  think[box] at CWRU.  What a great way to spring into their Spring Break!

Hear from students who attended the trek:

A group of us MSM-Finance students had an opportunity to go to Chicago during Spring Break as part of a city trek experience. The group varied based on concentration, length of program, and plans after graduation, but I think we were all generally brought together by a curiosity to know more about what the world of finance has to offer and a willingness to travel over spring break to learn more firsthand. 
Between visiting a variety of locations ranging from the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) to Morningstar, my favorite part of the experience was seeing the different career opportunities available to us as finance students. I think often times we associate finance managing books or working in a bank, but every aspect of our daily lives is touched by financial systems to some extent, so the possible avenues one can take within finance are equally overwhelming- and that's an exciting thought. After the corporate tours and the interactions with former alumni from wide academic backgrounds whom have had successful careers in the Chicago area, more than anything, I gained the insight that adaptability and willingness to seize opportunities are more important than any technical skills, because you never know when a chance encounter today might turn into a new career tomorrow. 
~ Laert Fejzullari, MSM-Finance ‘19

This Chicago trek broadened my horizons. I saw the open outcry on the CME trading floor, enjoyed the networking dinner at the Union League Club of Chicago, was impressed by the company culture of Morningstar, and listened to the founder of Tech Nexus talk about the company story. We even celebrated Pi Day with employees at Trading Technologies. I got a lot of inspiration from employees of these companies and feel better about company targeting in my job hunting.
~ Lan Lin, MSM-Finance ‘20

Learn more about the Finance Program at Weatherhead. 

February 19, 2019

International Alumni Panel

Every year, the Career Management Office hosts an  International Alumni Panel and Luncheon where international alumni share their past experiences and how they landed positions in the United States. 

This year, an alum traveled from New York City and Chicago. Several alum working in Cleveland came as well. We had a wonderful response with 15 alumni back on campus for the annual event in early February.  This event is an effective way to get first-hand knowledge on the career search as an international student.

We caught up with WSOM graduate students who shared their thoughts on the event.

What was the best advice you heard during the International Alumni Panel?

“The best advice received was to keep moving forward and not lose hope in this process. Keep yourself motivated. You have the skills.” Divyesha Kadlag, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

 “To keep the faith. At the very end, there will be something good waiting for each one of us.” Hugo Bonetti, MBA Candidate 2020

Actually I heard a lot of useful advice from this panel. For me, the one touched me most is to stick to one thing that you think is right. This piece of advice is given by Kun, the AVP of Credit Risk Methodology at Deutsche Bank in New York. She shared the story of her friends who insisted to find a position in NYC and tried everything she could to finally make it. This story gives me the confidence to strive in the future.” Lili Fu, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

Did you learn anything surprising or new?

“We should keep applying and networking because you never know which process will end up bringing the opportunity. Every person has a different story. There is no right or wrong way. The right way is the one that works.” Divyesha Kadlag, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

Every international student passes through this painful process, it is normal for us. Another big takeaway: the majority of available places for internationals are technical companies. It does not mean we need to change everything and try to follow this path for our entire lives, but it means we have better chances to at least get inside any company in technical positions.Hugo Bonetti, MBA Candidate 2020

Yes, I learned a lot. I learned how to reach out to a person on LinkedIn. I learned how to use Global to check the sponsoring history of a company.  I learned that I might need to apply to 100 or 200 positions before really getting one because everyone is experiencing this process, the job will not fall from the sky.” Lili Fu, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

Would you recommend this event to incoming international students?

“Definitely. I was about to give up on the job search, but this session kept me going.” Divyesha Kadlag, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

Definitely. An exceptional opportunity to hear the histories and advice from the ones who have already passed through what we are experiencing.” Hugo Bonetti, MBA Candidate 2020

I would definitely recommend this to others.  It is true that you always can learn from others who are older than you because everything you experience, they already have before. So don't be shy or hesitate to reach out to them for help!” Lili Fu, MSM-Operations Research/Supply Chain Candidate 2020

We highly recommend that students attend next year, and every future opportunity that involves alumni. Remember to frequently check CareerLink to see what Workshops and Information Sessions will be happening next!

January 25, 2019

Beat the Winter Blues with Student Experience!

The Student Experience (STEX) team is excited to have our students back on campus and hope that everyone’s semester is off to a great start! We know that with the colder temperatures settling in, it can certainly be tempting to hibernate; but with the great activities that STEX is planning for this semester, you’re not going to want to stay in and miss them!

Our biggest event of the semester is quickly approaching! Experience Weatherhead Casino Night on Saturday, February 16th at the Museum of Natural History for an evening of casino games, dancing, and exploring the museum’s exhibits with your fellow students, area alumni, faculty, and staff! Tickets are on sale now via Campus Groups ($25 for the first 150 tickets sold; $35 for all other tickets)!

There are a number of other events in the planning stages for this semester including a friendly basketball game against the Law School and a Cleveland Indians game! 

Still looking for ways to get involved? The Graduate Student Business Association (GBSA) will be holding elections for the 2019-2020 academic year in February! If you have interest in running for office, contact current President Chris Blanchard or the STEX team for more information.

To stay up to date with STEX events, join the Weatherhead Student Experience page on Campus Groups and follow us on Instagram @stexwsom.

January 18, 2019

CMO Spring 2019 Checklist

The Career Management Office welcomes you back to campus! We hope you enjoyed your break. Now it is time to start focusing on your summer internship or full-time job prospects. The first objective is to start expanding your network and actively apply to positions.  We have outlined a checklist to be sure you are on track to reach your career goals. We look forward to connecting with you this semester! 

1.       Update resume with new class projects or internship information
2.       Schedule a CMO meeting to practice your storyline, pitch and individual career strategy
3.       Review your LinkedIn profile and make updates
4.       Outreach to two networking contacts a week; schedule two informational interviews
5.       Check CareerLink and Handshake weekly for job postings and employer events

1.      Outreach to three networking contacts a week; schedule three informational interviews
2.      Schedule a CMO meeting for mock interviews; practice your pitch with five people
3.      Identify your top employers and conduct informational interviews; seek and apply for positions
4.      Check CareerLink and Handshake weekly for job postings and employer events

1.      Outreach to four networking contacts a week; schedule four informational interviews; follow up with connections
2.       Schedule a meeting with CMO to review email communication, mock interviews and career strategy
3.       Meet with two professors about your career goals and ask for advice
4.       Identify and attend two networking events
5.       Check CareerLink and Handshake weekly for job postings and employer events

1.     Outreach to five networking contacts a week; schedule informational interviews; follow up with connections
2.     Schedule a meeting with CMO to review email communication, mock interviews and career strategy
3.     Check CareerLink and Handshake weekly for job postings and employer events


Express Advising Spring 2019: 
Tuesdays from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. and Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

CMO Open House – enjoy hot cocoa and refreshments while we catch up on your career search!
Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in PBL 160

Friday, February 1, 2019, 10 a.m. to noon in PBL 203 - Register on CareerLink

Saturday, February 2, 2019, 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. in PBL 201 - Register on CareerLink

Monday, February 11, 2019, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Register on Handshake

Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 2 p.m.-4 p.m. – Register on CareerLink

Saturday, February 16, 2019, 8 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. – Register on Campus Groups

Friday, March 29, 2019, 10 a.m. – noon in PBL 203 register on CareerLink