December 14, 2018

Reignite your Career Search over the Holiday Season

Holiday break is upon us and it is the perfect time to focus on your career goals. Have you been procrastinating all semester? How many networking opportunities did you attend? Did you practice a mock interview in CMO? Time to get started. Believe it or not, summer will be here soon (ignore the snowflakes outside). Start prioritizing your internship or full-time job opportunity. Make a plan, set goals and get started!

Goal 1: Research
Research companies that interest you including companies where Weatherhead alumni or family friends are working. Reach out via LinkedIn and make plans for coffee or lunch. The insight you receive from an insider is gold. Your goal is to meet with one connection over break. This may mean emailing a lot of people, but it will be worth it. It just takes one person to land a lead. If you are traveling home or around the United States, then make it a point to find someone such as neighbors, childhood friends, family friends and family members. Weatherhead LinkedIn group will help your search tremendously. Now is the time to seriously explore the members and find a good connection.

Goal 2: Network
Attend a networking event. There are plenty to choose from during the holiday season. If you can’t find one then volunteer and network while volunteering. Connections can be found everywhere and anywhere. Don’t be shy and get out there! Your mission is to attend one networking event. Whether you are volunteering or attending a holiday social, new connections can be made!

Goal 3: Prepare
Prepare for an interview. Even if you don’t have an interview lined up, it is best practice to prep before you are invited to one. If you’re staying in Cleveland over the holiday break, then come visit us at CMO! We are open regular hours but will be closed from December 24, 2018 – January 1, 2019. We will open again beginning January 2. Your objective is to conduct one mock interview (in-person or via the phone) before classes begin on January 14, 2019. If you are not in town but would like to practice a mock interview, then you could schedule a phone mock interview with a CMO staff member. Please make an appointment today.

CMO has given you three achievable goals this holiday season. Start your year off right and on the path to career success. 
We look forward to connecting with you over the winter break! CMO can be reached at 216.368.3662 or

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