December 20, 2018

A firsthand look: Why you should attend Dean’s Weekend 2019 as a prospective student

Dean’s Weekend is an invitation-only, comprehensive campus visit for prospective MBA students. The weekend is filled with events to help students network with Weatherhead alumni, meet faculty, connect with other prospective students and see the city of Cleveland.

This all-expenses paid weekend helps students see what life would be like as a student at Weatherhead. We’ve seen the amazing opportunities that come out of Dean’s Weekend in the past. But we understand that you probably want to hear it from someone who was once in your shoes.

Meet Harsh Ranjan, a current student in the MBA program at Weatherhead, the Executive Vice President of the Graduate Business Student Association and an Admissions Ambassador. His journey at Weatherhead began at Dean’s Weekend, and he is happy he made the trip!

Question: What factors were important in making your final decision on an MBA school?

Answer: The primary factors were:
·         A school with high credibility in the industry and has the respect of employers
·         A city and school with people I can see myself fostering meaningful relationships with as I would be practically starting new after moving half way around the world. This is crucial as a strong support system helps cope with the large change.
·         A school where the faculty are excited about seeing my successes and willing to share their network
·         The school’s MBA program should be a good return on investment in terms of job opportunities and alumni network
·         The school had to have a diverse student body with an experienced cohort

Q: What would you tell applicants who are considering coming to Dean’s Weekend in 2019 but haven’t made the decision yet?

A: I would strongly advise them to consider applying to the event since the primary purpose of Dean’s Weekend is to expose them to as much information as possible to help make their MBA decision. It is a great way to expand their professional network and interact with prospective students about their hunt for the perfect school. I know I found that school in Weatherhead.

Q: Describe your experience at Dean’s Weekend. What did you learn?

A: From the very start of coming to Cleveland for Dean’s Weekend, everything was perfectly planned out and executed. I got to meet and introduce myself to other prospective students who were very smart and engaging. I participated in various workshops which replicated the MBA program experience at Weatherhead. These workshops included lessons on becoming a resonant leader, which was especially fascinating for me as I could relate to everything based on my experience working in the corporate world.

Q: What stood out?

A: In addition to these sessions, there was a pitch competition where we were randomly assigned to groups and told to tour the Global Center for Health Innovation in downtown Cleveland. We were instructed to choose one of the numerous healthcare innovations on display and come up with alternative uses for it, along with a corresponding marketing strategy. This exercise helped my team bond and brought out the best in us while summarizing the skillsets the MBA program at Weatherhead would help us develop.

Q: Did you meet with faculty and current MBA students?

A: Our group project was followed by a tour of Cleveland and then dining with faculty to understand their vision of how they want to shape Weatherhead’s students to become leaders of tomorrow. I learned a lot of interesting architectural facts from Professor Fred Collopy about Peter B. Lewis building, who took interest in my architectural background and shared stories working with architect Frank Gehry who designed the building.

This also gave me ample opportunity to interact with current Weatherhead students to get unfiltered insights about the program. Since they were not part of the administration, their positive feedback was a big part in influencing my decision to attend Weatherhead. Additionally, the admissions team hosting the event did a great job making me feel welcomed and comfortable.

Q: What did you learn?

A: By the end of the three days, Cleveland won me over. All the team bonding and challenging workshops made me feel like I knew the prospective students and administration teams for years. I still remember feeling sad saying goodbye to Deborah and Julie, along with the rest of the admissions team who had taken such good care of me! It felt like I was leaving friends behind.

Q: What were the benefits of the group exercises, working with other students, meeting the faculty, etc. during the weekend?

A: The group exercises highlighted the importance of teamwork, which is an integral part of the MBA program at Weatherhead. Being an international student, it gave me valuable insights to group dynamics and behaviors regarding the forming phases of the team. The faculty were very approachable and interested in knowing the background of each student. They shared details about their research with students.

Q: Were there other schools you were looking at?

A: I was considering other strong schools in cities where I had family.
Dean’s Weekend played a critical role in introducing me to Cleveland and the people who live there with heartwarming mid-western values, which made me feel confident in starting my journey away from family. I learned of the tremendous opportunities available through Weatherhead.

Ready to learn more about Dean’s Weekend? Visit the website and feel free to reach out with any questions! 

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