August 20, 2018

Intern Report: Kelsey Knutty reflects on her internship at KeyBank

Kelsey Knutty is a candidate in Weatherhead's full-time MBA program

This summer has been one for the books. My time at KeyBank flew by and I am definitely looking forward to classes starting back up next week! I’m spending my last week before this semester begins hopping back into my graduate assistantship in the Student Activities & Leadership Office and wrapping up my summer class about Intentional Change Theory with Richard Boyatzis.

I ended my internship about a week ago, and I constantly find myself reflecting on how positive my experience was. I had the opportunity to work on impactful projects, create relationships that I’m looking forward to continuing in the future and explore and learn more about a city that I love.

My favorite project that I was able to work on this summer was with the leadership development area of talent management. I had the challenge of assessing the current internship program and helping to redesign it for the summer of 2019. It was so much fun working with two incredibly insightful women from the leadership development team and another intern to figure out the best way to engage future interns and provide them with a great summer experience at Key. We conducted focus groups with 40 different interns from various lines of business in cities all across the U.S. to gather their thoughts on the program. From their feedback, we began brainstorming ways to make improvements to areas that this summer’s interns wanted more from. I felt so proud at the end of the summer to see the final design we created and I can’t wait to hear the 2019 summer interns’ excitement next year.

I’ve always known that my true passion is working with leadership development, and being exposed to that experience in the corporate world was so much more rewarding than I could have anticipated. Key did a wonderful job figuring out a way for me to successfully fuse my interests in design thinking and organizational behavior with this project – another example of how Key truly cares about personal development and interests. The culmination of that entire experience without a doubt strengthened my confidence in my career goals and aspirations.

I realize that the majority of the people reading this may be prospective or first year students, so I want to make sure I touch on some of the important lessons I learned when looking for and completing my internship. First, make sure you begin your internship search early on in the school year. The LAMP list and CMO should become your best friends. If you make that happen, you will definitely start off on the right track to landing the internship you really want. Second, treat your internship like a full-time job interview. The company you work for will probably be looking to fill positions after graduation, and even if they aren’t, your coworkers will be great connections to have when you are looking for a job after graduation. Third, challenge yourself to branch out and ask for projects outside of your comfort zone. You will learn so much and you may be surprised to find new areas of business you enjoy!

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience this summer at Key and I’m thrilled to start full-time with them next summer! Until then, I’m ready to get back into PBL and finish off my last year of the MBA program.

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