July 23, 2018

Intern report: Kelsey Knutty at KeyBank

Kelsey Knutty is a candidate in Weatherhead's full-time MBA program

Before sitting down to write this post, I began reflecting on my experience at KeyBank and how fast time has passed since I began my internship search last fall. On top of that, if you would have asked me what type of internship I was looking for, HR definitely wouldn’t have come to mind. It is funny how these things work themselves out, though. Now that I’ve made it to where I am, almost a year later, I can say that I’m in the city I love, at a company I’m valued at, doing real meaningful work that I enjoy.

This is the part where I give my shameless plug for the amazing team of professors and the Career Management Office Weatherhead has assembled for graduate students… Entering the FT MBA program I was pretty set on the fact that I wanted to focus on marketing, but quickly shifted my focus when I began learning how leadership development plays a critical role in organizations through our LEAD class. With the help of CMO, I was able to identify positions in training and talent management that I wanted to pursue for summer internships.

I began my search in early September, and I’m so happy that I did because the majority of corporations fill their internship openings during early fall. I found the HR internship at Key through LinkedIn at the beginning of October and immediately applied through Key’s website. After completing three rounds of interviews that month, I had received and accepted an offer with Key by the end of October. My decision to join Key was a no-brainer for me. They are one of the largest organizations in Cleveland and the reputation of their culture, especially in HR, seemed to speak for itself.

My first couple of weeks at Key were even better than I could have expected. During orientation I was able to learn so much about Key and how each line of business plays a critical role in helping the organization succeed. Key makes a point to allow interns to meet with leaders throughout the entire company to encourage growth and development. Since I’ve been at Key, I’ve meet with the Chief HR Officer and every member of the HR Leadership Team. These meetings aren’t just for ‘meetings sake’ either. They’ve asked me about my passions and where I want my career to go, and I’ve been put on projects this summer solely because they listened to my interests.

I have had the chance to work on so many meaningful projects within my first couple of weeks. Because I’m assigned to the training team in HR, I’ve been working on developing training materials for a loan servicing transformation project currently happening. Myself and the three other interns I’m working with are working on a capstone project around onboarding at Key, which has been so interesting. My favorite part, though, is that I’ve been put on three separate projects focused on design thinking and leadership development solely because I expressed interest in those areas. 

I’m really looking forward to this last half of my internship because I know I’m going to continue to learn so much. I hope you are able to see how the end of my summer wrapped-up next month!

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