January 18, 2018

Student report: My last semester in the MBA program by Teng Yang

Teng Yang is a candidate in Weatherhead's MBA program.

My last semester of the MBA program has officially started. I’m taking ORBH 403, Developing Intrapersonal Skills for Managers. The schedule is a bit challenging because class is held from 6 to 10 pm but the content and methodology is very interesting. I always thought what separated graduate level studies and undergraduate studies is the ability for the student to decide how and what he/she should learn. This class does exactly that. The class is split into groups of 12-13 and each group will decide independently on the learning goals and how to achieve them. There is intentionally very little structure for the class so it can be challenging for some of the students.

I enjoy the class immensely because of the possibilities of discussions that could surface and the prospect of forming really close relationships with group members. The bonus of taking this class is that I can get done with one of my six classes before the semester starts. I would recommend this class for any graduate student who want to challenge themselves in a new and unique way.

As I mentioned earlier, this will be my last semester of the MBA program at Weatherhead School of Management. I’m going to focus more of my time on my job search this semester. I’m both really excited and apprehensive. I’m excited to be done with my education but I know I will miss the times spend at CWRU. I think I will feel more excited when I figure out my post school plans. Stay tuned for that!

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