January 29, 2018

Student Report: My Favorite Semester by Lauren Nelson

Lauren Nelson is a candidate in Weatherhead's MBA program.

It has finally set in that this is my last semester at Weatherhead, and a mix of emotions have surfaced! I’m excited, energized and a bit sad at the same time.This semester is by far my favorite already, and I’ll tell you why:

Reason #1: Tanzania
A big fan of studying abroad since undergrad, I have to admit that I was skeptical of what we could learn and the impact we could possibly make while traveling for only 10 days in Tanzania during our Social Entrepreneurship course led by Dan Lacks of the Case School of Engineering and Weatherhead's Michael Goldberg, expert on entrepreneurship in transitioning economies. However, boy was I pleasantly surprised! The trip began with a touristy safari where I got to see animals in their natural habitat in a way that I would never have imagined. When we proceeded to the “course” part of the trip, thanks to Goldberg’s expert networking skills we were connected with high-achieving high-energy entrepreneurs from the bustling fintech space to shared mobility to e-commerce. I can’t say enough about how interesting I found the payment revolution there--companies like MPesa are working to bring mobile payments to citizens who are “unbanked,” having huge implications for their earning potential. We got to see our professor in his element, energizing the crowd with the message that they too could be a mecca of innovation and gave paths for tapping into the entrepreneurial potential of transitioning economies. 

In contrast, we also got to experience the remote island of Tumbatu just a few kilometers from Zanzibar, for a solar panel installation in the village of Junguwe led by chemical engineering professor Dan Lacks. It was the first time I met anyone who didn’t know who Obama was or what the United States meant. And yet, I was able to teach some Tumbatu children tic-tac-toe and “the line game” and have a bunch of fun. The experience taught me how truly everyone has capacity to be an entrepreneur, and that entrepreneurship is a vehicle for change. 

We got to bond with the mother of the home where we installed solar panels in Tumbatu.

My teammates along with the founders of the e-commerce startup who we'll be consulting for this semester.

Reason #2: Academics! (Nerdy, I know...)
I am also OBSESSED with my classes this semester. After two weeks so many of my questions have been answered in both my Entrepreneurial Finance and my Negotiations courses. Questions like: What the heck is Series A? What is venture capital? How do you value a startup? How do I negotiate my salary (super important for the next reason)? 

Reason #3: I have a job!
This week I accepted a position as a User Centered Designer for post-graduation at Goodyear in their Global Innovation Group. Now I get to eat, sleep, breathe the future of mobility. How cool is that?! OK, maybe it’s just me… 

Reason #4: My own STARTUP! 
Spring semester of second year is awesome because everyone is required to be a part of a startup. This is particularly exciting because I get to put everything I’ve learned in semester 1 of AMES, and in Economics of Technical Entrepreneurship and Innovation that I took last semester with Scott Shane. I can’t tell you too much, because, well, it’s just a baby startup right now but I will get back to you with more information in the coming weeks and months as it matures! You might just want to be our first customer… 

All in all, this semester is really different because I can finally see the future, and why I worked so hard to get to this point. The relationships that I’ve developed with classmates, Design Club members and Design For America Project Team members will be everlasting. I’m so excited to see the fruits of the growing momentum of Design at Weatherhead and hope to stay engaged as an alumna. We’re not there yet, though! There are still over three months to go. I will savor every last moment.

January 19, 2018

Spring semester career plan checklist

Follow Weatherhead's Career Management Office (CMO) on Twitter @weatherheadcmo.

The Career Management Office welcomes you back to campus! We hope you had a wonderful holiday break. With the New Year comes a re-focus on your career search. The first objective is to start expanding your network and actively applying for positions. We have outlined a checklist to be sure you are on track to reach your career goals. We look forward to connecting with you this semester!

1.      Update resume with new class projects or internship information
2.      Schedule a CMO meeting to practice your storyline, pitch and individual career strategy
3.      Review your LinkedIn profile and make updates
4.      Outreach to two networking contacts a week; schedule two informational interviews
5.      Check CareerLink weekly for job postings and employer events

1.      Outreach to three networking contacts a week; schedule three informational interviews
2.      Schedule a CMO meeting for mock interviews; Practice your pitch with five people
3.      Identify your top employers and conduct informational interviews; seek and apply for positions
4.     CWRU/WSOM events: CWRU career fair (Monday, Feb. 12, 2018); WSOM Casino Night (Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018)
5.      Check CareerLink weekly for job postings and employer events

1.      Outreach to five networking contacts a week; schedule four informational interviews; follow up with connections
2.      Schedule a meeting with CMO to review email communication, mock interviews and career strategy
3.      Meet with two professors about your career goals and ask for advice
4.      Identify and attend two networking events
5.      Check CareerLink weekly for job postings and employer events

1.      Outreach to six networking contacts a week; schedule informational interviews; follow up with connections
2.      Schedule a meeting with CMO to review email communication, mock interviews and career strategy
3.      Check CareerLink weekly for job postings and employer events

Mark your calendars for the following workshops in Spring 2018!

Express Advising
Monday’s from 4:30 – 5:40; Tuesdays from 11:00 – 12:00 and Wednesdays from 2:30 – 3:30

Some Important CMO Events: Please continue to check CareerLink for updated events.




January 18, 2018

Student report: My last semester in the MBA program by Teng Yang

Teng Yang is a candidate in Weatherhead's MBA program.

My last semester of the MBA program has officially started. I’m taking ORBH 403, Developing Intrapersonal Skills for Managers. The schedule is a bit challenging because class is held from 6 to 10 pm but the content and methodology is very interesting. I always thought what separated graduate level studies and undergraduate studies is the ability for the student to decide how and what he/she should learn. This class does exactly that. The class is split into groups of 12-13 and each group will decide independently on the learning goals and how to achieve them. There is intentionally very little structure for the class so it can be challenging for some of the students.

I enjoy the class immensely because of the possibilities of discussions that could surface and the prospect of forming really close relationships with group members. The bonus of taking this class is that I can get done with one of my six classes before the semester starts. I would recommend this class for any graduate student who want to challenge themselves in a new and unique way.

As I mentioned earlier, this will be my last semester of the MBA program at Weatherhead School of Management. I’m going to focus more of my time on my job search this semester. I’m both really excited and apprehensive. I’m excited to be done with my education but I know I will miss the times spend at CWRU. I think I will feel more excited when I figure out my post school plans. Stay tuned for that!

January 5, 2018

Resolve to get more involved at Weatherhead!

The following blog post is brought to you by George Smiltins, Director of Weatherhead's Office of Student Experience (STEX). STEX is here to assist students with finding opportunities for experiences outside of the classroom that will complement the holistic learning environment of Weatherhead. Learn more.

Welcome back, students!                                                    

The second semester at Weatherhead is always exciting! New students have had time to get settled into life in Cleveland. There is no longer the uncertainty of getting your first grades in your courses. For graduating students, it is a final opportunity to take unique courses, build lasting relationships with your peers, and explore all that Weatherhead and Cleveland have to offer!

STEX is committed to providing you with many fun and engaging opportunities. One of the biggest events of the upcoming semester is fast approaching! On February 17, join your fellow Weatherhead students, alumni, faculty and staff for Casino Night 2018. This year’s event will be held at Cleveland’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Fight the winter blues by coming out to play casino games, win prizes, check out the museum’s exhibits and dance the night away! The first 150 tickets are only $30. Buy tickets here!


Increasing your involvement with student activities is a great New Year’s resolution. For those of you ready to dive into 2018, make sure to check the event calendar regularly for all Weatherhead has to offer. Best wishes for a wonderful year!