November 10, 2017

Namrata Nagdev Shares Experience at Marketing Insights Conference

Namrata Nagdev, full-time MBA student, shares her experiences at the Marketing Insights Conference, sponsored by Weatherhead’s Marketing & Strategy Club.

Last week, Weatherhead’s Marketing & Strategy Club hosted the Marketing Insights Conference, a
spectacular event with three speakers from different industries enchanting us with their exciting work and their vision of the future. I loved each of the three talks but was particularly moved by Matt Eaves, who is the vice president of digital marketing at University Hospitals (UH).

Matt started off the talk by introducing the shift in the healthcare industry landscape from fee-for-service to fee-for-pay. This shift made the reduction in patient re-admissions and improved customer satisfaction a key in deciding the eligible hospital reimbursement. These two goals put patient experience in the center of strategic planning.

Witnessing the strides taken by UH to improve the patient experience and ensure a pleasant journey right from the time a patient walks into the hospital until the time s/he is recovering at home was very moving. For example, Matt told us an interesting point that can potentially save millions of dollars over the years and reduce patient wait time, which is a big pain-point for patients. He explained how a small change in the design of the hospital hallways helped patients get to their appointments faster. It may seem like a small thing but, on a holistic level, this small thing adds up in efficient use of time, and over years it’s millions of dollars! Patients start getting backed up on appointments because, starting at the beginning of the day, some people are late by three to four minutes. As this progresses throughout the day, the last patient for the day could be waiting for two hours to get to their appointment and this is costing the entire system.

I never would’ve imagined that this solution would improve the patient experience and be worth millions of dollars to the hospital! It is interesting how small changes have a huge impact. I would encourage everyone to attend college events and make full use of the opportunity to learn from the best!

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