October 2, 2017

Shark Tank Team at Lubrizol: Teng Yang shares his experiences

Teng Yang is a candidate in Weatherhead's MBA program and had a summer internship at Lubrizol.

School has started back up now and it’s in full swing. There are group projects that need to be worked on for just about every class. On top of that, I have things I need to do as a TA for Dr. Solow, and I am working on my job search. In short, it’s not hard to stay busy and opportunities can be found by being busy.

I had the wonderful opportunity to intern with Lubrizol over the summer and worked on the Shark Tank team developing new business ideas. Today I got to see the fruits of my work being pitched at the final Shark Tank event. It was inspiring to see an organization like Lubrizol embrace innovation and pursue future opportunities. The event was a show of commitment to innovation at Lubrizol. It was also nice to see that our learnings from school are being utilized and championed at companies like Lubrizol. Some examples of this are the customer understanding approach of product development, the need to understand your own capabilities, and the need to develop a strong value proposition.

I think the biggest take away of all today was the lessons learned portion at the end of the event. The idea of “make friends” was mentioned by almost all the presenters. None of the projects would take off without the support of the people who had a hand in the project. I think this can be applied to me as well; I can’t succeed without the support of the people around me and the people around me can’t succeed without my support.

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