September 15, 2017

First Impressions: Thoughts from First-Year Grad Students

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It has been about a month on campus. Classes are in full swing. Assignments and events are filling your calendar. At CMO we hope everyone is enjoying the first few weeks of graduate life and that your graduate experience here at Weatherhead is a feeling of elation like the current mood of Cleveland Tribe fansundefeatable and history making!

We reached out to a few students to see just how Weatherhead has started to make an impression on each of them. We asked them the following questions—scroll on down to check out each of their responses!

1. What is the most interesting aspect about Cleveland?
2. What did you like about Orientation?
3. What clubs did you join and why?
4. What are you most excited for in this coming year?
5. What has been most surprising to you since coming to Cleveland/joining the program?

Brooke Bridges, First-Year MBA

1. The most interesting aspect about Cleveland is that Playhouse Square houses the largest outdoor chandelier in the world. It was my first must-see when I arrived in Cleveland!
2. My favorite part of orientation was attending the ropes course. It allowed me to connect with my classmates that I hadn’t had the opportunity to talk with yet. It allowed us to get to know each other in a fun and comfortable atmosphere.
3. I joined Women in Business, Multicultural Club, Marketing Club and Wine Club. I joined these clubs so that I could meet students from all the different programs of Weatherhead. I look forward to having the opportunity to listen to influential women and to learn about different people’s cultures.
4. I am most excited to have the chance to work in teams. Being able to work in diverse groups with people from different parts of the world and different skill sets will help me to grow and to be able to work with different types of leaders in the future.
5. I am most surprised how quickly I’ve been able to become acclimated to Cleveland and to going back to school. Weatherhead has made it an easy transition from moving across the country. Everyone from the faculty and staff, to my classmates have made Cleveland feel like home.

Antwand Hill, First-Year MAcc 
1. Personally, I would have to say the most interesting part about Cleveland is the professional sports teams. I am a die-hard Cleveland fan and recently the Cavaliers and Indians have had so much success that it is difficult not to support them. The Browns have been my favorite team for the last 15 years, no matter how much they struggle at times I will always support them. The future is very bright for all Cleveland professional sports teams.
2. In terms of orientation, I appreciated the fact that I had an opportunity to meet some of my classmates before classes started. We discussed our current work experience as well as our future aspirations.
3. I am currently working to join Beta Alpha Psi (BAP). BAP provides a great environment to network with professionals as well as volunteers in the community.
4. I am looking forward to two things this school year. I am looking forward to becoming the first person in my family with a Masters degree! I am also looking to securing a full-time audit position with a company that will aid in the development of my professional career.
5. The most surprising thing since I have joined the program has been the GreenLink/BlueLink shuttle that runs every 20 minutes to takes students around campus.

Shu Liu, First-Year MSM-Finance
1. I think the most interesting aspect about Cleveland is the artistic environment here. I love the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, not only can I enjoy the symphony orchestra in Severance Hall, but also I can enjoy it in my home through the broadcast. Also, there are lots of museums around our campus, that is fantastic!
2. I think orientation is great in several aspects. First, the bingo game is a good idea for our students to get to know each other. Also, it is a quite informative orientation and new students can receive lots of useful information related to our study and life.
3. I joined several clubs, including the public speaking club and the healthcare club. I chose public speaking club because I hope to practice my public speaking skills, also I hope to make friends with similar interests as me. Also, I am interested in the healthcare industries, so I hope to acquire more information on this area through the healthcare club. I hope these clubs will enrich my study journey and make my life more colorful.
4. Well, I think I am most excited for this coming year is that the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra will have several wonderful performances in the following year. I already have the FANS card for this year’s performances!
5. A surprising aspect for me is the learning environment in Weatherhead. I love this competitive learning environment; it is a great way to motivate me to make progress in my study.

Xinyi Ye, First-Year MSM-Operations Research and Supply Chain
1. The weather changes so quickly in Clevelanda joke here that when it rains here, wait for 5 minutes and it’ll be gone!
2. Orientation was well designed in detail so we could meet with all the people in the schoolpeople that could further assist us in the future when I have questions about school, work or life. And it also had one especially for international students so that we could quickly learn all the useful information regarding student visa, opt during a day of orientation.
3. I didn't join any clubs yet!
4. I’m excited to learn more useful knowledge throughout the second semester and apply what I have learned in the first semester. And internship hunting is going to be stressful and exciting as well.
5. People in Cleveland are really hyper about sportsthe Cavs, the Indians and the Browns! And the people in the program and the entire school are really helpfulthey’re trying to provide you with the most useful information and knowledge in the industry, the most helpful way of finding internships and jobs, and the lady at the front desk is very pleasant to talk with!

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