July 11, 2017

Intern report: Rodrigo Mayen at Cleveland Clinic

Rodrigo Mayen in a candidate in Weatherhead's MBA program.

I had never thought how the health care industry can have so much business operations inside the organizations, and I had never thought about working in the health care industry.

Here I am, at Cleveland Clinic in the International Operations Department. It has been a delightful experience full of learning and collaboration. The internship is designed to enjoy the work at the same time I am getting knowledge from all the brilliant people working here and getting exposure to several areas of the Clinic. It’s amazing the back-end of a hospital, it’s like the doctors are the main characters in a movie but all the back-end is a huge team working on the production, development, enhancement, marketing, etc…. of the movie. Also it has been very exciting in this internship to work with people from all over the world and to see how the mixture of cultures create great ideas based on the experiences that each other has lived in their native countries.

Each intern has a preceptor (in my case I have two) who are the ones that are in charge of the activities and the projects the intern can fit and get knowledge and at the same time add some value to the project. In my particular case I am assigned to the International Operations Director and to the International Operations Finance Director; they both had designed a path for me during the summer. I am assigned to several projects and in some of them I am having a role among the team and in others I’m just shadowing other people to learn the process and to know how things are done.

What I like most of this experience is that Cleveland Clinic is really open to hear what you are interested in as an intern, if you want to participate in a particular project or want to learn more about specific areas you are always getting exposure to what you want.

Working in the International Operations department as an International Student has rounded perfectly the first year of my MBA because I am applying the knowledge from my classes of last year together with the international business operations.

Actually from the first year classes, there are some concepts such as NPV, IRR, Diversifying, Sustainability that I’ve been applying this summer; it is very interesting how the concepts are applied in the real world.

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