June 30, 2017

Intern report: Namrata Nagdev at Global Prairie in Cleveland

Full-time MBA student Namrata Nagdev shares her experience as an intern at Global Prairie in Cleveland, Ohio.

Global Prairie has already become a family to me as I am in the third week of my internship. In November 2016, I had the opportunity to interview the Co-Founder of Global Prairie, Mr. Douglas Bell, and Regional Director, Ms. Natalie McAllister, for my Aim2Flourish project. I instantly admired the company culture, values and their innovative business model. When I got selected for the internship, I knew I was carving a good path for my career. I get to work on real client projects with the senior team members and am currently doing work for Sherwin-Williams and Bayer. Being a part of an experienced team sets base for new challenges, collaboration and most importantly new learning every day.

Each intern is guided through the summer by a mentor, which adds another dimension of learning process and sets expectations from our end. My mentor Ivan Sheehan ensures that through every project assigned I am learning what I want and even more. Every discussion leads to new discoveries, opinions and analysis thus garnering growth and new knowledge. At many points, I have learned from him how quantitative data can be translated into educated strategies for campaigns or the next steps forwards.

Through this blog, I would like to take the opportunity to share three questions that I am asked every week: 1. What did I learn? 2. What made me smile? 3. What made me laugh?

1. I learned that geography does not inhibit your flight but puts wind under your wings. I never understood this until I experienced it. I recently had a two-hour WebEx meeting with our team in Kansas City for one of the projects we were working on together and this included Tableau software training and coding. It was really cool how easy it was to work with the teams in the other offices. I remember one thing, the Co-Founder Douglas Bell told the interns during on-boarding “You just need one employee and one client to expand Global Prairie.” This holds true for the intern project that the seven of us (based in different cities) have to work on in collaboration with National Institute of Health and National Geographic.

2. I smile everyday as I enter the office feeling privileged to be a part of an agency that is shaping the way the world perceives the marketing industry. No matter where we go, we definitely learn a lot but it is so important to pause and ponder where we are gaining an enriching experience from. The culture of an agency/organization shapes your career, attitude, thinking and learning process. Everyday I’m doing something that is completely new to me but I look forward to the experience because of the support and resources I receive at Global Prairie.

3. I laughed the most during a Royals baseball game that all the interns went to in Kansas City. I was seriously jet-lagged after a 26-hour flight from India on a Sunday morning and had travelled to Kansas City on the following Tuesday. Eight innings in I gave up and went to sleep shamelessly during the innings that changed the game for the Royals. Little did I know all my friends were clicking embarrassing pictures of me sleeping and hilariously uploading them on snapchat. Their laughter woke me up and I cringed seeing the snapchats. We did have a good laugh about it the next day though! (I just hope those pictures don’t go in the 2017 internship book)

Importantly this calls for a big shout out to the Career Management Office team, especially Julie Guthiel who worked tirelessly with me throughout my journey and was probably more happy than I was when offered the internship. Julie taught me that it is more important to build a relation/rapport with a recruiter and not just network. In the end, all you need is one person to believe in you and give you a platform to shine and I think this is what Global Prairie means to me!

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