April 21, 2017

MSM-Finance students attend Chicago City Trek

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Over spring break, students in the MSM-Finance program explored the city of Chicago and visited
five companies: Morningstar, Trading Technologies, Elmspring, 1871 and Megalytics. City Treks occur in the fall and spring semesters and are a great opportunity to learn about different companies and connect with alumni. CMO highly encourages students to participate in them when they are offered. City Treks can spur internship opportunities and grow your network.

Overall, the students enjoyed the Chicago City Trek and learned interesting details about each company. The following students shared their experiences and thoughts on the companies.

Siqi Chen: The city trek was unforgettable and I learned a lot. For Morningstar, I loved the culture of this company, creativity and freedom. I'm also interested in its development program. For TT, I'm curious about its trading software and hope to have more opportunity to know how the software works. Elmspring gave me a lot of details about how a startup grows. Although it's not my first interest, I also learned a lot from the speech we listened to. The tour in 1871 was great. But I think the working environment was a little too noisy for me with so many people working and talking in same area.

Yiran Wang: I really appreciated the way we visited Morningstar with the presentation and panel Q&A with employees from different departments. Thank you for providing us a chance to get in touch with our alumni; we had a pleasant meeting with them.

Jiayun Zhu: The atmosphere at Morningstar was quite perfect and it gave me the opportunity to talk with the people who work there. I felt that they are really passionate about their work. The focus at Elmspring was on collecting different kinds of information and I am interested in this field. 1871 is a cool place for people who want to own their business. At Megalytics, they spent most of the time telling us about the growth of the industry but I did not receive many details about the work. It would have been great if they had spent some time telling us about a typical work day. TT is a good company, but it focuses on computer science and hires more people whose major is computer science. And I think it may give less opportunities to MSF students.

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