March 29, 2017

MBA Internship Search: Mark E. McIntyre II

Throughout the last week, the Life at Weatherhead blog has featured conversations with students, as they share their experience on the internship search. If you missed it, read the firstthe second, and the third posts in the series. Today we are featuring Mark E. McIntyre II, Clinical Quality Team Intern, Medical Mutual:

When did you start your internship search?
I started searching for my internship during the end of fall semester. I continued this search until the beginning of spring semester, peaking during winter break. The steps I took included first identifying target companies that I would be interested interning with. Second, utilizing my resources, such as the CMO, to establish contacts with these companies. Finally, reaching out to these companies to express an interest in working with them.

What advice from CMO helped you on your search? Where else did you get helpful advice from?
The best advice the CMO gave me was to start searching early. I also received helpful advice from second year students who had internships in the past. As with the CMO, the second year students also suggested early searching was the best method of securing an internship.

How did you learn about the opportunity? What was the process like?
I learned about an opportunity for an internship through the mock interviews scheduled by the CMO. At the conclusion of my mock interview I was offered the opportunity for an actual interview with the company. 

Was this your only target company or did you have others?
Currently, I am a dual degree student studying both medical physiology, through the school of medicine, and business administration. As such, my background is in healthcare and I selected companies which were in this field. Thus, this company was on my list of target companies.

Was there a question that puzzled/stumped you during the interview process?
My interview was very conversational. As such, many of the questions I was asked were relaxed and in a natural format. From the CMO I learned that this style of interview was known as behavioral based interview. Through the workshops provided by the CMO throughout the year, I feel I was adequately prepared to handle any questions asked in this format.

What advice would you give to other students looking for an internship?
I would advise other students to take advantage of winter break to start searching for internships. The reason being is that during winter break student workload is at a minimum while free time is at a high. In addition, winter break occurs prior to interview season. As such, utilizing this time will put those searching for internships ahead of the game.

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