February 3, 2017

The Casino Night Experience

Alexis Hayman, Director of the Office of Student Experience, sat down with Graduate Student Business Association President and Vice President, Patrick Glicker and Liz Smith, to give them an opportunity to share their thoughts and memories of Casino Night. Casino Night 2017 will be held on Saturday, February 25, at The Silver Grille. Register today!

Alexis: “What does Casino Night mean to you?”

Patrick: “It is an opportunity to connect with the entire Weatherhead community. We are from so many programs and backgrounds, and often only see each other in passing. This is a time to be together, sharing memories and building relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime.”

Liz: “It is a great night! Everyone gets dressed up and enjoys the evening together. It is unlike any other time of the year!”

Patrick: “And don’t forget! You can win lots of cool prizes!”

Alexis: “What are some of your best memories of Casino Night?”

Liz: “For me, it is very personal. I was able to attend as a prospective student so coming into my third Casino Night, this is a reinforcement of how strong our Weatherhead community is. I always meet up with Vice Dean Collopy on Casino Night and I get to talk with him, to connect with him. I have great memories connected with that.”

Patrick: “There are very few events that all of Weatherhead students come to, so my best memories are those moments when you are just enjoying each other, relaxing and having fun. On Casino Night, I feel very proud of our school and the work that we all do.” 

Alexis: “What would you say to a student on the fence about buying that ticket and coming out to Casino Night?”

Patrick: “Well, ultimately, this two years or year and a half, it is about the experience. It is not only about your classes. That is a part of it, but you are part of a community and this is an opportunity to get outside of the building and connect, socially, with people you spend hours upon hours doing course work. It is part of the whole, holistic experience of being a graduate student. This is what we are here for.”

Liz: “I agree. There are so many interesting people to get to know, and you see them around the building but there aren’t a lot of chances to get to know them. And since we are a short program, it is the only time first-years can really hang out with all the second-years in any of the cohorts. This helps you build your network, but it’s also just a great time! Since we are downtown, you can have a fun dinner before or plan to go out afterward. My friends and I stopped in Jack’s Casino, which is just down the escalator from where Casino Night is being held this year, and had a great time! ”

Alexis: “Last year, the winners of GBSA were announced at Casino Night during a special presentation... any plans you want to share about the announcement of the newly elected board?”

Patrick: “It's a surprise!”

Liz: “You’ll need to come and find out!”

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