January 27, 2017

Experience Cleveland’s Neighborhoods Like a Clevelander: Tremont Edition

The following post is brought to you by Cori Finefrock, Full-time MBA candidate and lifelong Clevelander.

Case Western Reserve University attracts students from all over the globe to come spend a few years, or hopefully more, of their lives in the great Cleveland, Ohio. As a lifelong Clevelander, I am so grateful that so many people get to come and see all of the great things Cleveland has to offer. I am also grateful that I get to learn about different cultures from my classmates. You may notice, however, that Clevelanders have their own language, some unintentional inside jokes and some common complaints that don’t always make sense. I want to help people understand why we love what we love about Cleveland and why that gives us the license to complain every now and again. You are all on your path to being Clevelanders for life! Here is one challenge to help you along the way: Tremont Bingo!

I have lived in Tremont for four years, which is not long compared to many residents who have made this ever-changing neighborhood their home for decades. But, as with most millennials, I feel this gives me the right to tell you what things you should experience (I am kidding, kind of). Below is a bingo board to get you through some of the rites of passage of being a Tremont resident. Tremont has some of the best food in the entire city and is chalk full of culture in the form of numerous art galleries and historic sites. For many at the unviersity, Tremont is a short uber, bus ride, Rapid ride or car ride away.

Print out your Tremont Bingo card and get started on experiencing the neighborhood's amazing year-round offerings.

Disclaimer: this list isn’t comprehensive and it is possible that there are better sources on Tremont living than me :)

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