December 16, 2016

Prepare for the CMO Final: Five career steps to take over winter break

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It's that time of year again when students are trying to finish up projects and papers as well as study for exams. Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Soon you'll be done and then it will be time to relax!

However, the Career Management Office suggests that you do some homework during your free-time over break. Pretend this is your last final to prepare for and make the most of your upcoming winter break.

Create: Make a list of your top 40 companies. Once your list is complete start actively checking the company website and set up Google alerts for information/postings at that company. Most importantly, begin targeted outreach to contacts within the organization including alumni if possible, and those in roles/departments in which you're interested.

Network: Join the Weatherhead School of Management group page on LinkedIn and start reaching out to your professional network. You can send a quick email within the group—10 emails a week would be ideal! Remember, each email should be tailored to the person you're addressing and have a specific purpose. For example, schedule an initial informational phone conversation to learn more about the contact's professional background and experience. Also if you are planning to travel over break, research any possible network connections living in the location you will be traveling to and try to arrange a coffee meeting.

Research: Review the Behavioral Interview questions on the Intranet. CareerShift and Vault are also good references that can be found on CareerLink under Jobs.

Interview: Schedule a mock interview with the CMO staff.

Apply: Submit a minimum of five applications per week. Remember to tailor your applications whenever possible.

This may not be a real final but it is one to take seriously for your future career path. If you're in town over winter break then feel free to stop in and schedule an appointment. Our email is and phone number is 216.368.3662. We look forward to hearing from you soon. The CMO team wishes you good luck on your remaining projects/finals! Enjoy your holiday break!

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