December 9, 2016

It's Not Easy Being Green: What cities are doing to become more sustainable?

Cities in the United States are exploring and implementing ways to incorporate greener business practices. Because we believe that future managers must be prepared to lead businesses with an eye for how business can be an agent of world benefit, flourishing enterprise and sustainable value are among the strengths-based management principles taught at Weatherhead.

Weatherhead's beyond magazine explores how our cities are making changes, examples of cities embracing sustainability, and ways civic leaders and city planners can save our older cities:
  • Sustainable Cities: Residents are returning to urban centers, upping the ante for cities to create sustainable communities. Read more...
  • Tales of Green Cities: Whether it's bike sharing in New York City or curbside composting in San Francisco, U.S. cities are embracing sustainability from coast to coast. Read more...
  • Depopulation to Reconcentration: Robin Dubin, PhD, offers a way to save our older cities. Read more...
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