November 18, 2016

MSM-Finance Students Attend NYC City Trek

Over Fall Break students in the MSM-Finance program went on a NYC City Trek, exploring not only
New York City but also visiting a variety of companies including Bloomberg, PrivCo, Deloitte and Daruma Capital Management. It was another successful City Trek filled with business insights and great site seeing!

Here are a few thoughts about the trip from our students:

Sheng Tang, second-year MSM-Finance student, commented, “Visiting so many excellent companies and connecting with alumni in NYC was really inspiring. I love the visit to Daruma most. It gave me new understanding in investing aside from the numerical part.”

David Chen, MSM-Finance candidate, said, "It was a really nice opportunity to visit NYC during the break. All companies we visited, including Bloomberg and Deloitte, gave us a decent introduction and presentation. The best part of the trip was not just learning more about the industry but actually interacting with those people who you may work with in the future!

Lue Fang, Lei Gao and Mengsha Li, all second-year MSM-Finance students, described their experiences below.

What was your favorite employer visit (Bloomberg, PrivCo, Deloitte, Daruma Capital Management) and why?
Fang: I think I liked Daruma Capital Management the most. That company has a very nice environment and company culture. The speech was truly about helping us instead of purely advertising their company.

Gao: I was impressed by the visit of Bloomberg. The employees were very nice and patient. They not only trained us how to use Bloomberg briefly, but also showed us around the office. Moreover, the working environment in Bloomberg seemed pretty good.

Li: My favorite employer visit was Daruma. In Daruma, the founder and COO did a heart-to-heart communication with us, teaching us about how to look for a job, networking and enjoying life.

What new information did your learn during the city trek?
Fang: I learned that while we are seeking our careers, finding the field you truly like is very important.

Gao: I leaned that there might be a huge job demand in the area of risk management, e.g. CCAR.

Li: I was wondering what size of company I should work for. The city trek gave me a good sense of how small, medium and large companies are different from each other.

What surprised you about New York City or the companies you visited?
Fang: Bloomberg building is all glass structured. Transparency seems to be very important to them.

Gao: It was my first time to visit NYC. Manhattan is fancy and I can find almost everything I need.

Li: Each company had its own corporate culture and organization structure that influence its employees in different ways.

How did this trip help you with your career goals?
Fang: It helped me open my eyes to the big city.

Gao: It helped me to have a deeper insight into the hot issues in current financial areas, which I will focus on more when seeking jobs.

Li: I learned I don't really want to be a small fish in a big pond.

What was your favorite thing to see or do in NYC?
Fang: I think I liked the metropolitan museum the most.

Gao: One of my favorite things to do in NYC is to watch a Broadway show.

Li: The old buildings and one way roads are the funny things to see in NYC. It's like a big city trying its best to contain a large amount of people from all over the world.

November 15, 2016

Becoming the Business-Minded Designer: Civil Engineer Career Spotlight

Civil engineers design some of the most practical systems we experience everyday: transportation systems, city plans, structural designs, water distribution systems, land reclamation projects, and more.

As inherent problem solvers, civil engineers create efficient, safe, ethical designs. Every time one of these designs is optimized, even more creativity is required to make the next improved iteration. Civil engineers often work in teams of professionals with diverse specialties, including construction, agriculture, infrastructure, water, waste, utilities, and city planning. Because creativity thrives on multiple perspectives, civil engineers have the opportunity to harness the diversity of such teams to create the best possible designs.

This team leadership role is a natural progression of the civil engineer’s career path; the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) lists the following mid-career roles as stepping stones on the engineer’s way to business executive and senior management:

In government: Engineering Manager
In consulting: Program or Business Unit Management
In industry: Program Management
In construction: Project Manager

To succeed in these roles, civil engineers need not only top problem-solving and design expertise but also leadership and people management skills. By applying their design skills to learning leadership, engineers can accelerate the performance of both the long- and short-term teams they’re part of – in return accelerating their careers and those of their team members.

How to Apply Engineering Design to Learning Leadership

In a previous article on creativity, we stated, “Using the principles of design in business is a method of problem solving that considers all options, starting big and working toward practicality, to find and create the best possible solution for all stakeholders.” Civil engineers are already experts at applying design learning to the technical tasks of their jobs. But how can they apply it to team dynamics? Consider these methods:

Learn to balance business and quality goals through inclusive problem-solving rather than by process of elimination.
Ensure every possibility is considered by drawing out big-picture ideas from every team member before disqualifying options.
Use appreciative inquiry to drive productive, inclusive strategy sessions.
Analyze your daily interactions to create trust and enhance team performance.
Discover management practices that drive teams and individuals to flourish concurrently.
By opening up your team to more possible solutions, discover new problem-solving process optimizations.
Uncover hidden business opportunities that new team processes allow you to pursue.

Civil engineers have the unique opportunity to influence entire teams with their problem-solving skills – if they learn to apply design to management. They can only do so with the right design learning training – one that’s designed for the creative, problem-solving leader.

Are you interested in transforming your engineering career with a design-focused management degree? Register for our Create Change Challenge by December 15 for a chance to:

Compete for a scholarship and spot in our design-centered MBA program
Show off your vision for change
Experience Case Western Reserve University’s campus in Cleveland
Meet Weatherhead faculty, alumni, and like-minded potential employers

Find out how you can apply your inherent, critical ability to create solutions to harness the potential of your team. Contact us for more information.

November 11, 2016

Thanksgiving Week Activities Across the Country

Satinder Kaur is a student in Weatherhead's MBA program.

Here we are at the end of the first semester already. It feels like just yesterday when we started. This semester has been particularly crazy. I worked on four live projects and five  different team; it is crazy!

Let’s release the pressure. So, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? Planning to travel to a new state or want to spend time in Cleveland? Either way it will be super fun. I highlighted below where you can spend some getaway time and can have maximum fun. Following are the five places and what they have to offer over Thanksgiving weekend. You can plan based on your interests.

Chicago: This is a great option as it is close and has lot to offer. Here are the activities that have been planned for the Thanksgiving week: The festivities begin on Wednesday night with the mayor lighting up the official Christmas tree. The next day is the three-hour-long annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, which begins at 8 a.m. on State Street, working its way to Congress Parkway and Randolph Street, with a spectacle of giant helium balloons, award-winning marching bands, performance groups, equestrian units, dance troupes, local and national celebrities, rhythmic drum lines and more. On Friday the Art Institute of Chicago features the “wreathing of the lions," when the museum’s two lion statues are covered with evergreen wreaths, followed by a party inside. If you love skating or want to try it for the first time, Millennium Park is offering free ice skating.

A funny incident: Last year I tried skating for the first time in my life. In the duration of 1hr 25 min., I fell more than 18 times straight on my face. Friends, families, and kids around were so scared of me they used to stop when I was passing them. I had super fun, but please take your safety gear along because people can be dangerous there :)
Santa Fe, New Mexico: This place is known for the influence of Native American culture. Over the Thanksgiving weekend the place is organizing a three-day winter Indian market that will feature over 200 artists, as well as native dance groups and music.

Williamsburg, Virginia: If you are proud of American history and want to witness it, Virginia has a lot to offer. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, you can attend annual traditions of bountiful feasts. At Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center, visitors can learn more about 17th and 18th Century cuisine during "Foods & Feasts of Colonial Virginia."

Orlando Florida: One of the best cities to be in, Orlando has Disney World, Universal Studios, LEGOLAND (I loved this place because there is so much to do: small and easy rides, LEGOLAND resorts, water park, theme park, and good food). If you are looking for one place where you can have all kinds of fun, Orlando is the best city to visit.

Cleveland, Ohio: For those who want to stay in the city, Cleveland has the following to offer:
1. Free entry to Cleveland MetroParks Zoo: The zoo will be giving the animals special feedings and holding enrichment demonstrations, so spectators will have the opportunity to learn about the animals and enjoy the complimentary heated transportation throughout the zoo on Thanksgiving Day.

2. Winterfest in Public Square: This event is presented by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The festive event will take place on the day after Thanksgiving. There will be several activities, including a holiday bazaar, food trucks on West Roadway Ave., and Children’s Stage featuring live entertainment, Santa Claus, music and more. The Cleveland Cavaliers, Gladiators and Monsters will play hoops, score touchdowns, and score goals. And toward the end of the day, the Official Lighting Ceremony will illuminate downtown and end in a spectacular show of fireworks.

November 3, 2016

New Cleveland Hype Video Brings Out All The Feels

Weatherhead's own Alexis Hayman, director of student experience, runs her way through our great city in this new video from Downtown Cleveland Alliance. Check it out and become witness to the amazing things Cleveland conquered this year... one more time. And, if you haven't been to Cleveland lately, come see what all the hype is about.