October 21, 2016

Weatherhead students visit the Crescent City: National Black MBA Association Conference held in New Orleans

Last week Weatherhead students attended the National Black MBA Association Conference in New Orleans. Namrata Nagdev, first year full-time MBA student, shared her thoughts on the conference. 

My experience at the career fair was excellent. It was very intimidating at first glance but I warmed up to the new atmosphere and got a chance to talk to many employers. I learned not only from my mistakes but also from students from other colleges.

I had the chance to connect with employers from various industries and I learned about the company work culture and their job experiences, and was able to connect with some of them on LinkedIn. Since the employers have already met us in person, they're open to connecting with us even after the career fair is over. Some employers were kind enough to give us their feedback so that we can work on our pitch, research and gain a better understanding of the field we are interested in.

I recommend that every first year student attend national career fairs so that they are able to build connections very early in their MBA journey and be better prepared when they look for a full-time offer.

As Namrata recommends, national career fairs are a great place to start your career search and begin networking in your field. The National Black MBA Association Conference is once a year. Save the date; next year it will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 26-30, 2017. 

Every year a few students land interviews through attending a national conference such as NBMBA. Remember to brush up on your interviewing skills before attending a conference. 

Weatherhead's intranet resources are a great place to review interviewing material including:
How to Prepare for a Behavioral Interview
List of Behavioral Interview Questions
Telephone Interview Tips

It is never too early to start your career search! Please stop into the Career Management Office and set up an appointment for a mock interview or career strategy. We can be reached at 216.368.3662 or wsom-cmo@case.edu.

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