October 28, 2016

How is Innovation Playing a Role in Business?

The usage of the word "innovation" in our modern lexicon is at an all-time high, leading one list of the 20 most used business buzzwords with over six million references in international online media in 2015. 

Wired called "Innovation" the most important and overused word in America. Weatherhead even has a department of design and innovation. Clearly innovation matters to the world, but how does it matter for you and for the world of business?

Innovation Nation

Weatherhead School of Management's beyond magazine reported on last year's Innovation Summit hosted at Case Western Reserve University to discover the direction innovation is taking in the United States and to garner tidbits of wisdom from the leading innovators in the fields of technology, medicine, manufacturing, academia and more.

Read more at "Innovation Nation."

The Problem with Innovation

Youngjin Yoo, PhD, Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professor of Entrepreneurship and professor of information systems in the Department of Design & Innovation, examined the role that design needs to play in our efforts to build that innovation nation in his column, "The Problem with Innovation":

"Innovation cannot and should not be reserved for the few victorious ones in our society. It should be viewed as an opportunity for everyone. In fact, those who suffer the most have the most to offer. They are the ones who see and experience the challenges in our society." - Youngjin Yoo

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