September 30, 2016

Work vs Life: The Showdown

It doesn't seem to matter what stage of life you're in, there's a constant push and pull between work and non-work life. As a manager or future leader of people, how do you balance, or integrate, your career and your personal life? Do you live to work or work to live?

In the Weatherhead School of Management's magazine, beyond, we tackle the challenge of work-life balance, or imbalance, asking experts for tips on how to keep up, how times are changing, and what you can do to help yourself and others achieve better work-life integration, and thus improve satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

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Did you know that 90% of American mothers and 95% of American fathers report experiencing conflict between work and life? Learn more in our feature article, "Work-Life (Im)Balance."

Listen in to the first and second episodes of our podcast, Beyond Management, with panelists Lori Neiswander, Erin Hendrick, Susan Hinze, Lisa Jackman, and Melvin Smith as they navigate the realities of work-life integration and what organizations can do to improve it.
Are you in a position of management already and looking for some tips on how to help your staff? Spot the symptoms before the blow-up by watching for these warning signs your staff member is over-stressed, from Richard Boyatzis, PhD, Distinguished University Professor, H.R. Horvitz Professor of Family Business and professor of organizational behavior at Weatherhead.

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September 23, 2016

Keeping busy in Cleveland: Huntington Beach & night hiking

Satinder Kaur is a student in Weatherhead's MBA program.

Welcome back! It's so much fun to be a student again after a short stint of interning. I cherish these moments of my life time and again.

There are many new students on campus looking to make a difference in their lives and to live up to their dreams. I whole-heartedly welcome each one of you and wish you very good luck for your future endeavors.

Cleveland has a lot to offer at this time, and I am so excited to be back. I would like to write about a couple of outings I went on recently. Four of my friends and I went to Huntington Beach in Bay Village, about 20 miles from here. It is one of the coolest beaches I have seen in the U.S. after Florida’s Clearwater Beach. I am sure there are other beaches that are as good or better, but the gravel sand with clear blue water at Huntington made it exceptionally beautiful. After witnessing the splendid sunset, we all headed to Bombay Chaat. Indeed it's one of best places to have Indian spicy food. We ordered chicken tikka biryani, chole bhuture, papdi chaat, garlic naan and more. It was super fun and a day well spent.

Last week, I went to Rocky River Nature Center for hiking, and guess what? It was "night hiking." I joined this hiking club on Meetup. The club has around 2,000 Clevelanders who do fun things every weekend. In my hiking group there were around 50-60 participants from every walk of life (kids, young men/ women and senior people). We all started with one goal and that was to see the harvest full moon while enjoying the misty weather. After an hour of walking through different trails (easy and hard), we finally saw the moon under the clouds. I can’t express the wonderful feeling of accomplishment we all had at that moment. It was an open sky, quiet night, and everything was so still, just the sound of small insects talking to each other. We all stopped for some time in the park and witnessed that magical moment.

I have some cool stuff lined up for the coming weekend, and I hope that you too will have a great weekend ahead. There is so much to do in Cleveland that I never feel it’s a small city.

September 9, 2016

Welcome back and who's who in STEX

The following blog post is brought to you by Alexis Hayman, director of Weatherhead's Office of Student Experience (STEX). STEX is here to assist students with finding opportunities for experiences outside of the classroom that will complement the holistic learning environment of Weatherhead. Learn more.

First, The Office of Student Experience (STEX) would like to welcome all of our students, returning and new, to campus for the fall semester. While we enjoy the summer, our office never feels quite right without the hustle, bustle and enthusiasm of all of our student leaders and activators. This year is shaping up to be an exciting and engaging one!

As a start to the year, I’d like to introduce you to a few key people in the landscape of the Weatherhead Graduate Student Experience:

Mimi Filsinger and George Smiltins round out the staff of the office of student experience. Mimi’s main focus is the logistics of day to day success here in WSOM. She has been with Weatherhead since long before the Peter B. Lewis building came to be and knows, often better than anyone, how to make things happen. Locker, study room, AV reservation or reimbursement questions? Stop by Mimi’s office!

George is our student service specialist. George focuses on your success here at Weatherhead in a variety of ways. Although he is our newest staff member, he quickly gained campus-wide knowledge to assist students with VISA questions, health concerns, or personal matters that may disrupt their ability to focus on their program. In the unfortunate circumstance that there is a concern regarding academic integrity or student conduct, George is available to find resolutions quickly. He is a great asset to students and is always eager to make new connections.

Student Experience would not be nearly as successful or lively without our esteemed student leaders. Our Graduate Business Student Association consists of an executive board, a vice president and a president who all work tirelessly to enrich the lives of all graduate students at Weatherhead. With an 8 person executive board, the President and Vice President are well supported and ambitious!

Patrick Glicker is the Graduate Business Student Association president. With over ten years of work experience, he has stepped into this role with a great deal of thought and organization. Patrick consults with the STEX team on major plans for GBSA and acts as a link between the student body and the administration.

Liz Smith is the Graduate Business Student Association vice-president. Liz also has a good number of years of work experience and is tasked primarily with advising student clubs in the planning and execution of their events. Liz also consults with the STEX team on logistics and insights to help clubs become most effective.

The Office of Student Experience also relies on our graduate assistants to help our office run smoothly. With multiple events and activities often happening in the same day, we need all hands on deck to ensure an excellent experience for all of our participants.

Nikolay Kanazirev just started his graduate assistant work with Student Experience. With extensive experience in marketing, Nik is our go-to for putting together marketing material and getting the word out quickly. A confident, fast worker and an undergraduate alumni, he can navigate himself around any task on short notice!

Chelsea An has been with STEX since the beginning of the summer. Outgoing and proactive, Chelsea is excellent with a crowd. You will often see her helping corral students in large activities, giving instruction, or working individually with students new to campus. Patient, quick thinking, and with the remarkable ability to connect with a diversity of people, we are proud to have Chelsea on the team!

September 2, 2016

Intern report: Supply chain internship with Lennox International

Chetan Phani Parchuri is a candidate in Weatherhead's full-time MBA program.

Over the summer I interned with Lennox International Inc. (LII) in Dallas, Texas. LII is a global provider of climate control solutions. With $3.9 Billion in revenue, it operates in three segments: residential heating and cooling, commercial heating and cooling, and refrigeration. I interned with the supply chain group, particularly with the commercial demand planning team.

Prior to my MBA program, I worked for five years as a project engineer with the project management team of India’s biggest construction company. Making a career switch into the realm of supply chain management was not easy and my core courses at Weatherhead, particularly on statistics and operations, helped me immensely over the duration of my internship. The design course that I had in the spring semester was very helpful as it equipped me with tools and insights to look at things from the perspective of the user. This helped me generate reports and tools that were extremely user friendly.

I enjoy working on intellectually stimulating problems and my internship gave me ample opportunities to explore new areas by working on novel problems and learning simultaneously from them. One particular assignment this summer was so analytically demanding and challenging in its scope that I had to seek guidance from my statistics professor, who granted me an independent study this semester to explore and understand how optimization modeling works in order to make better sense of the tool that I had developed over the summer.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Lennox. It gave me immense exposure to various facets of supply chain management along with an opportunity to carry out actual demand planning for a product line. My team mates and managers went out of their way to mentor me. There were also a lot of activities organized by the human resources team to help acquaint interns with the overall business, and have fun and network at the same time. I made a lot of friends and mentors for life which made my summer internship in Texas an extremely rewarding and memorable one.