July 29, 2016

Pokemon Take Over Weatherhead

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past 2 weeks (or maybe just vacationing on a private beach?), you're probably aware that a gigantic Pokemon Go obsession has swept the nation! Here at the Weatherhead School of Management, we are not immune to Pokemon fever. We've caught a few in and around the Peter B. Lewis building. If you're looking for a Pokestop, there's one right outside PBL, as well as across the street at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.

Check out a few pictures of the Pokemon we've caught. If you catch any around Weatherhead, tweet us a picture at @caseweatherhead (or Instagram @caseweatherhead):

July 22, 2016

Intern Report: Taking a Risk

Patrick Glicker is a candidate in the full-time MBA program.

There are a variety of strategies full-time MBA students use when it comes to selecting a summer internship. My strategy was to take a risk and target internship opportunities that were going to challenge me to think differently.  I did this by seeking opportunities in an industry and a job function in which I had no experience.  I wanted to use the opportunity to reach beyond my comfort zone, and gain exposure to a less familiar field.  My search led me to accept an offer as a Continuous Improvement (CI) Intern at the Cleveland Clinic.  This internship was especially interesting because continuous improvement methods are relatively new to the healthcare industry.

I am now more than halfway through the internship and I continue to be challenged and learn each day.  I am one of about thirty caregivers (employees) in the CI department.  Each one of us is working towards the primary mission of creating a culture in which every caregiver is empowered, capable, and expected to make improvements every day.  With approximately 49,000 caregivers working at the Cleveland Clinic, this is no small task.  However, our Continuous Improvement department does not simply complete projects on others’ behalf.  We operate under an inclusive model that functions and thrives on the input and feedback of caregivers throughout the Clinic.  Caregivers identify the problems, and my department empowers caregivers to use data and identify potential solutions. In sum, my Continuous Improvement department serves as a coaches and leads other groups through the process of making their own improvements.

I have been assigned to three projects for the summer.  First, I am coaching the Community Outreach department to determine why they have been unable to receive a return on investment report in over two years.  Second, I am supporting the Art Program to develop the capability to forecast their resource requirements.  Third, I am assisting a CI team and a group of 60 caregivers to better define and unify their roles within the Clinic. Each of these projects have challenged me to think differently about healthcare and the role of a leader.  The CI process has also led me to reflect on a new way to approach improvements to my own personal career development.  I am so grateful that I took a risk and was able to gain new skills that I never anticipated.   

July 15, 2016

Career Management Office's Summer Checklist

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Summer is half way done. Vacations are coming to a close. Time to get ready for the new approaching academic year. There are a few checklist items that CMO recommends you do before you get back to campus.

      Update your resume
Either a year or a few months has passed since last laying eyes on your resume. Think about the projects you did in class that you could add.  If you landed an internship then you must include that with as many quantifying and action items achieved. Submit your revised resume to CareerLink so when you get to campus it is complete and ready to go. Remember the Weatherhead Career Fair is fast approaching on September 15. You will be on campus just a few weeks and you’ll have to be ready to pass it out to many employers.

      Create/review targeted company list
You should have already started a list of potential employers with notes about each one. This is a great reference when you start applying for jobs. The note section can include news articles about the company or typical job postings available. The more you know about a company the better candidate you are for a role. Start creating the perfect list!

Now is the best time to network. Email potential contacts and/or alum on LinkedIn. Offer to treat for lunch or coffee while you learn more about his or her career path or company. Join a professional group such as The ClevelandProfessional Twenty-Thirty Club and attend an event. There are plenty of ways to network. The next person you meet may lead you to your dream career. The time is now to be social!

It’s a short list but these three items will help set you up to succeed. CMO’s office hours are Monday thru Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please stop in and visit! We are a phone call away 216.368.3662 or an email wsom-cmo@case.edu.