June 3, 2016

The Great Cicada Swarm of 2016

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999... because that was the last time the 17-year cicadas were in town.

What is this giant chirping bug climbing out of the underground in Northeast Ohio? This is the giant chirping bug:

 According to ecowatch.com, although we might be freaked out by the arrival of these insects, they're actually quite good for the environment, serving as natural tree pruners that cultivate new growth, lawn aerators, ground fertilizers, nutritious snacks for pets and humans alike, AND serenading musicians for backyard barbecues! Some Americans find the cicada's arrival to be a unique opportunity for culinary experiments. Nom, nom, nom!

If you are still turned off by these bugs hatching, shedding shells, singing, and crawling back into the soil, take heart; the cicadas will only be around for about six weeks, to return for their punk-rock reunion tour in 2033.

Where to Find Cicadas
Everywhere. Experts expect about one billion cicadas to emerge in Ohio this summer.

How to Attract Cicadas
Really? You want these guys nearby? If so, run a lawnmower or chainsaw - the cicadas sometimes confuse the noise for their mates. If you find yourself swarmed by hormonal teenage cicadas, don't panic. Cicadas don't bite or sting and aren't poisonous... they're just two-inch long flying insects that rattle.

Read more fun facts about the cicadas.

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