April 19, 2016

#MyWSOMYear 2016 Graduation Day Photo Slideshow

Weatherhead Graduation Day will be here soon and we're looking for photos that represented the full experience of Weatherhead over the past 2 years for our graduation day slideshow, as well as for inclusion in next year's Student Handbook. Photos with other students, with faculty members, at gatherings, in other cities, around campus, casual and formal are all welcome and encouraged.

Email your photos to Nicole Rothstein at njr6@case.edu tag your Tweets and Instagram posts with #MyWSOMYear.


LESS photos that look like this:

And MORE photos that look like this:

Don't forget that this is social media. Use your common sense and share only what you wouldn't be embarrassed to show your mom and future employer.

** By sharing your photos with us, we assume permission to redistribute and publish your photos on social media, in the slideshow, and/or in the Student Handbook. 

Now, go do fun things and take pictures of yourselves doing those fun things with other fun people!

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