April 15, 2016

MSM-Finance students tour three companies in a City Trek around Cleveland

City Treks is one of the resources Weatherhead's Career Management Office (CMO) offers as a way to provide students an internal glimpse into American business operations. Follow CMO on Twitter @weatherheadcmo

Nine MSM-Finance students participated in a City Trek around Cleveland that encompassed three companies: Cleveland Research Company, KeyBank and Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Students enjoyed an interactive case study at Cleveland Research Company. While at KeyBank, high-level representatives discussed their roles and where they are expanding. They finished the day at the Federal Reserve where they took a tour of the facility including the largest vault door in the world. These visits gave students additional insights into industries and career paths that they might like to explore. The ability to meet with current employees and hear their thoughts provided students with first-hand feedback and skills that employers seek.

Student thoughts from the Cleveland Trek

Carlin Jackson: My favorite visit was with the Cleveland Research Company (CRC). It was great receiving insight into the operations and methodologies of a top market and equity research firm. I certainly plan on utilizing the connections I made with CRC staff as I continue to learn and grow in my finance career.

Prathima Cheeti: I enjoyed our time at the Cleveland Research Company because we had an opportunity to see real-life applications of the type of work we have been doing in many of our classes. Also seeing the variety in careers that are available for someone with our educational background was reassuring for someone who does not want to go into a stereotypical finance field.

Claire Wu: My favorite visit was the visit to Cleveland Research Company. The case study was very informative and interactive, which gave me better insight to the company and day-to-day work employees perform. The team of representatives was very friendly and encouraged conversations and discussions during the whole session. I learned about the company’s culture, different types of service lines or job positions they offer and, most importantly, how to participate in those kind of networking and learning events together with other students. I was also able to get information that I need or might need in the future, seize the opportunity to ask questions based on informative presentations given and network with people more comfortably. It gives me a better idea on how to start networking through different channels and job hunt more strategically by gathering information about positions that I am interested in and talking to more people within the company or in the industry to get a close look on whether the position could be a good fit and level up the skills needed accordingly.

Billy Zhu: My favorite trek was KeyBank because of the extensive number of speakers presenting about the various areas within the company. It helped me expand my horizon as I continue on the path searching for an internship and job.

The Career Management Office encourages all students to participate in future treks. Students in each entering class are encouraged to complete requirements to qualify to participate in these informative career excursions. Some of the past trek cities include New York CityChicago and Cleveland.

Find our more information about Weatherhead's City Treks and stay tuned for details about the 2016-2017 lineup!

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