January 22, 2016

Hiring International Candidates: Employer partner Q&A with Jennifer Murphy of Hyland, creator of OnBase

In an increasingly global marketplace, hiring talent who understand the complexities of working with vendors, partners and clients across the globe is integral to success. International candidates offer that very skill set, but words like “sponsorship” and “visa” can make even the savviest recruiter apprehensive to hire. Weatherhead's Career Management Office brings you the following conversation with Jen Murphy of Hyland, creator of OnBase. Murphy shares her experience with hiring international candidates, and why she believes it’s well worth it. Follow CMO on Twitter @weatherheadcmo.

For what roles have you hired international candidates in the past? 
Hyland is a global organization and we have hired international candidates for roles in almost every department. But a majority of our candidates hired have been in the technical fields, such as software development.  

What value do you see in hiring international candidates? 
They not only become valued, productive team members but their culture and experiences can enhance their value to the organization. Adding this kind of diversity brings new experiences and thoughts that benefit a company when compared to those companies that hire like-minded individuals only. For example, new ideas, innovations and ways to tackle new projects.  

Do you believe there are misconceptions about hiring international candidates? If so, what are they and what has your experience been in relation to them? 
Yes, there are misconceptions in how to hire international candidates specifically related to the immigration process. Hyland is very experienced in the immigration process for recent graduates in need of work visas and finds that the process can be fairly simple and straightforward when the candidate is the right fit for the job and with the help of an immigration attorney on the paperwork.  

Have you experienced any challenges when hiring international students?  
We can run into a challenge when the student’s educational background does not relate to the job they are applying for, but previous work experience does qualify them. This is based on work visa requirements.  

What resources are most helpful when hiring international candidates for both intern and full-time roles?  
I believe that when an organization is working with a particular educational institution, they should utilize the career center. These offices can be extremely helpful in identifying the right international candidates.
What advice would you give to organizations that have not historically hired international candidates, but are considering it in the future? 
I would advise these organizations to do their due diligence in researching what it takes to hire internationally, as they may have some misconceptions that need to be cleared up. From there, when the door is open, these organizations will find a new pool of qualified top candidates.  

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