January 29, 2016

Let's Talk Islam: Educating and Empowering Others

Jaclyn Agui is a candidate in the full-time MBA program at the Weatherhead School of Management. 

In the fall 2015 semester, Weatherhead’s e-marketing course participated in the P2P: Challenging Extremism initiative conducted by EdVenture Partners and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State and its inter-agency partners. Our objective was to form a campaign that would counter current messaging, narratives and digital technologies being used by violent extremists in order to educate and empower others to take action.

We saw that the events of 9/11 and the continuous political strife in the Middle East have caused misconceptions in our society about the Muslim culture and religion, and to combat this we formed the Let’s Talk Islam campaign. Our goal was to facilitate dialogue and share stories of individual Muslim Americans. We strongly believe that through these actions we will spread knowledge about Muslim values, and positive contributions in the Muslim American community, ultimately educating Americans and calming fears.

We reached out to Muslims in the Cleveland area, and received a lot of support specifically from Muslims in the Case Western Reserve University community. We featured the participants through videos and blog articles in our media campaign, which included a Let’s Talk Islam website, Facebook page and Twitter page. Our media platforms allowed for a wider public audience to discuss and commence a digital dialogue. The online campaign prepared us for our “Break down the Walls of Prejudice” Event hosted at Weatherhead on December 2, 2015. The event focused around a symbolic wall of prejudices, represented by boxes with questions and answers about common Muslim misconceptions. Attendees read questions out loud, and once answered correctly, could knock down their box and symbolically rid themselves of the prejudice. There was also the opportunity to try Middle Eastern food and discuss face-to-face with our team about the overall campaign.

This experience was very fun and extremely rewarding. I too learned many new things about the Muslim culture and religion. Positive testimonials and discussions with other students demonstrated that our class made an impact on the Case Western Reserve community, and we have prospects for the campaign to continue and engage fellow students through the sharing of stories and education.

January 25, 2016

Weatherhead's Casino Night 2016

Every year Weatherhead’s spring semester is highlighted by an exciting night of gaming, dancing, prizes, networking and raising money for Weatherhead student scholarships at our annual Casino Night Benefit. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, February 20.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni and prospective students gather in formal attire to enjoy an evening out on the town. This year’s event takes place at Cleveland's Historic Silver Grille! During the golden years of Cleveland's first big metropolitan growth, The Silver Grille was where the Who's Who could be found dining and socializing. As we experience Cleveland's vibrant downtown resurgence, we are pleased to host our event at this wonderful venue.

We don't play casino games for real money, so don't worry if you aren't a regular card shark! First & foremost Casino Night is all about having fun with the Weatherhead community. Guests use “play money” provided for them at the door as part of the night’s festivities. That money is redeemed for chips to play blackjack, roulette, poker and craps. At the end of the night, those chips are redeemed for raffle tickets that are then entered for prize packages featuring gift certificates to local restaurants, tickets to sporting events, box seats to commencement & more!

Tickets for Casino Night are now on sale: Only $35 for students & $50 for alumni. You can purchase your Casino Night tickets here.

Last year’s event was held on a snowy evening in the beautiful lobby of the Marriott at Key Center in Downtown Cleveland. Check out a few of the pictures from the night below.

For more info on Casino Night 2016, the Silver Grille, and to purchase tickets: http://bit.ly/1OA51Is

HURRY! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY for $30 Early Bird pricing for the 2016 Weatherhead Casino Night. This year join faculty,...
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January 22, 2016

Hiring International Candidates: Employer partner Q&A with Jennifer Murphy of Hyland, creator of OnBase

In an increasingly global marketplace, hiring talent who understand the complexities of working with vendors, partners and clients across the globe is integral to success. International candidates offer that very skill set, but words like “sponsorship” and “visa” can make even the savviest recruiter apprehensive to hire. Weatherhead's Career Management Office brings you the following conversation with Jen Murphy of Hyland, creator of OnBase. Murphy shares her experience with hiring international candidates, and why she believes it’s well worth it. Follow CMO on Twitter @weatherheadcmo.

For what roles have you hired international candidates in the past? 
Hyland is a global organization and we have hired international candidates for roles in almost every department. But a majority of our candidates hired have been in the technical fields, such as software development.  

What value do you see in hiring international candidates? 
They not only become valued, productive team members but their culture and experiences can enhance their value to the organization. Adding this kind of diversity brings new experiences and thoughts that benefit a company when compared to those companies that hire like-minded individuals only. For example, new ideas, innovations and ways to tackle new projects.  

Do you believe there are misconceptions about hiring international candidates? If so, what are they and what has your experience been in relation to them? 
Yes, there are misconceptions in how to hire international candidates specifically related to the immigration process. Hyland is very experienced in the immigration process for recent graduates in need of work visas and finds that the process can be fairly simple and straightforward when the candidate is the right fit for the job and with the help of an immigration attorney on the paperwork.  

Have you experienced any challenges when hiring international students?  
We can run into a challenge when the student’s educational background does not relate to the job they are applying for, but previous work experience does qualify them. This is based on work visa requirements.  

What resources are most helpful when hiring international candidates for both intern and full-time roles?  
I believe that when an organization is working with a particular educational institution, they should utilize the career center. These offices can be extremely helpful in identifying the right international candidates.
What advice would you give to organizations that have not historically hired international candidates, but are considering it in the future? 
I would advise these organizations to do their due diligence in researching what it takes to hire internationally, as they may have some misconceptions that need to be cleared up. From there, when the door is open, these organizations will find a new pool of qualified top candidates.  

January 21, 2016

Weatherhead 2015 Year in Review

Weatherhead School of Management 2015 Year in Review
We at Weatherhead at Case Western Reserve University are proud of our growth over the last year & are excited about what 2016 holds. Take a look back at what our community was up to in 2015 & celebrate with us as we enter new projects and journeys in 2016!
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January 15, 2016

Weatherhead Wellness Student Survey results and launch of Wellness Week

Eeshan Srivastava is a candidate in the full-time MBA program.

We all know well enough that the rigor of business school can be quite taxing on the mind and body of every student. We are being groomed for stellar success in the business world through world-class education but we must not lose our health and wellness in this race to perfection. To help students cope with issues related to health and wellness, the Weatherhead Wellness Club was started last semester by Rachel Escobar and myself, both second-year MBA students. We have a larger team now with the addition of the exemplary Alok Chitnis (second-year MBA) and the brilliant Chetan Phani (first-year MBA).

Last month we launched the Weatherhead Wellness Student Survey to gauge the state of wellness at Weatherhead with the objective of learning more about the key sources of stress, how students currently cope with stress and how our club can help in making this coping mechanism much more effective and much more fun. We got an overwhelming 182 responses from Weatherhead students. We have analyzed the results and compiled them into a single infographic as shown below:

As you can see above, we were able to determine that students from different programs experience a varied level of stress but the stress level for all students was quite high in general. We were also able to pinpoint the key sources of stress that affect students the most. Furthermore, we were able to develop a set of preferences regarding Weatherhead Wellness activities that would be favorable for most students. It must be noted that all these insights are based on the results of the survey and are at best averages. However, these insights have helped us greatly in better understanding the needs of students. 

Consequently, the Weatherhead Wellness club will be organizing a Wellness Week from Feb. 1 to Feb. 5. A whole week of health, wellness and fitness activities along with food and tons of prizes! Some of our top activities will include workout sessions, a guide to nutrition, yoga, meditation, guest speaker session and even a Ping-Pong tournament. The week will end with a Wellness Fest on Friday, Feb 5, where we will setup booths representing different activities/sports etc. The complete schedule will be communicated soon via email and will also be posted on our Facebook page.

So save the dates and get ready to get rejuvenated!

January 8, 2016

Weatherhead Student Experience: Give time to make time

The following blog post is brought to you by Weatherhead's Student Experience Office, which is here to assist students with finding opportunities for experiences outside of the classroom that will complement the holistic learning environment of Weatherhead. Learn more.

Not getting enough done at school? Try doing for others.

We all know that volunteering can help you build your resume and make valuable connections in your job search, as well as having a positive impact on your community and your world. Still, many of our Weatherhead students feel that they simply do not have time to volunteer, given their busy schedules. Believe it or not, donating your time and effort actually creates productive time in your schedule!

In 2012, Cassie Mogilner of the Wharton School published a study in the Harvard Business Review on the psychological effect of volunteering time. The study assigned some subjects participation in a people-oriented, helping task while others were assigned a meaningless activity. The subjects who spent time engaging in meaningful, helpful tasks were more likely to feel they had time to spare. Why is this?

Mogilner and her co-authors concluded that subjects engaged in helpful tasks felt capable, confident and useful; because they accomplished something, they felt they could accomplish more.

In an interview by the Harvard Business Review, Mogilner was asked if subjects would be better served simply using that time to do more work. Her reply? Procrastinating is inevitable. When we engage in difficult, complicated activities (such as the rigorous coursework at Weatherhead!) the mind needs a break. Often these breaks consist of fiddling with our phone, scrolling through social media or playing an online game. Taking breaks to play Candy Crush or scroll through the Instagram of your crush from middle school is less likely to make you feel accomplished than taking an hour or two to work at a food bank.

According to Mogilner it is all about feeling and perception. We all have the same number of hours in the day but some of us feel more motivated and capable than others. Motivation and engagement lend themselves to productivity; discouragement and dissatisfaction do not. By engaging in activities that make us feel better about our ability to accomplish things, we create more useful time.

Use those breaks you need and are going to take anyhow and direct them toward an activity that makes you a better student in the end.

Starting in February, Student Experience will be offering community service opportunities with accompanying faculty members once a month for any graduate student interested. Feel free to get in touch with Alexis Hayman to learn more or keep an eye on the Weatherhead events calendar, video screens and WeatherheadsUp for more information.