December 18, 2015

Job Search Tips: Don't take a break from your career search this holiday season!

Julie Gutheil is the director of career development at Weatherhead's Career Management Office.

While it may be tempting to take a break from your internship/job search during this winter break, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on and evaluate your career search to date and create an action plan going forward. You should remain focused on your goal and continue to engage in your search. This is an opportune time to focus on your search now that the fall semester is behind you. Below are some steps you can take to stay engaged and continue the momentum you've built during the fall.

Make a point of continuing to build your network. Reach out to your current contacts to wish them happy's a simple sentiment that can have a big impact. You should also put effort into finding new individuals to connect with through LinkedIn. Make a goal of sending 10 requests to new individuals to meet for coffee prior to spring classes beginning. If you happen to be traveling during the break, take the opportunity to find alumni/contacts in the area you are traveling to and set up a meeting.

Create a list of 25+ new companies you are interested in working for and learn more about them. Use LinkedIn to find alumni or other potential connections you could reach out to at those companies. Visit the CMO Library to check out a book or learn more about your industry using Vault.

CMO maintains regular office hours during your break, so take advantage of this time to meet with us to talk about your career strategy or schedule mock interviews with the CMO staff.  If you are out of town, take advantage of the mock interview module in Career Link (found under the resources tab), or schedule a phone or Skype session with a CMO team member. This is also a great time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile with any projects or part-time work/internships from the fall semester.

Keep searching job boards, including Career Link, and apply to opportunities. Companies will continue to post positions, and you don't want to miss out.

From everyone in the CMO office, happy winter break (just not from your career search)!

December 15, 2015

Spend Winter Break Touring Cleveland: A list of great events & activities around town this winter

The following blog post is brought to you by Weatherhead's Office of Student Experience. 

Stuck on campus for winter break? Don't worry, there are plenty of things happening on and around campus this winter that can make this break feel like a real getaway!

University Circle features great experiences for students, and all of them are within walking distance of PBL. The Cleveland Museum of Art is featuring a Monet Exhibit until January 5, and Case Western Reserve University students have free entrance to view the artwork. If artwork isn't your style, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History is right next door, and they have a World's Largest Dinosaurs Exhibit until January 3.

Looking for a little outdoor fun in the holiday lights? Ice Skating is open in Wade Oval! For only $3, patrons can rent skates and enjoy the festive rink. What’s better, from December 21-3 they have extended holiday hours. If you can't make it then, don't worry because it will be open until March 6. Wade Oval will feature special events at the rink: on Wednesdays in December there will be live music, and on Sunday, January 3, you can learn how to play hockey.

If you are looking for some outdoor adventure, the Cleveland Metroparks puts on many events even in the winter. Check out their calendar and pick out a day to go for a winter hike. If you're not a fan of the cold, they have many indoor events as well--even a winter solstice concert inside their lodge.

Seen a preview for a new movie you'd like to see, but had no time to go and see it? Use winter break as an opportunity to catch up on new releases. There are many movie theaters in the area, such as Tower City Cinemas (available by RTA), Cedar-Lee, and Shaker Square. Want a reason to get dressed up?  Put on your favorite winter formal-wear and make it a night at Playhouse Square. The largest theater district between New York and Chicago, Playhouse Square features eight different theaters, along with fun restaurants (such as the Hofbrauhaus). Check out the event calendar. This district is only a short Healthline ride away. There are also many parking lots, both covered and uncovered, for your convenience.

Cleveland is known to musicians as a great place to play a show. This isn’t just because of the awesome fans but the great venues! Nearly historic local spots such as The Grog Shop, nationally affiliated halls such as the House of Blues, and new, up-and-comers like Happy Dog @ The Euclid Tavern feature a wide variety of bands and artists, and not only on the weekends. The Grog Shop is located in Coventry Village, so before the show you can head on over early and eat great food, browse the shops or get ice cream! House of Blues is located on East Fourth Street, a thriving area in downtown Cleveland that features high-end dining and cozy cocktail lounges, comedy clubs and even the upscale bowling at Corner Alley!

Sports fan? Check out the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Lake Erie Monsters. The Cavaliers are off to one of their best starts yet, and there are plenty of great tickets at reasonable prices. Even if you don't follow basketball, games are fast-paced and fun for anyone. The Lake Erie Monsters are our local minor league hockey team. Not-quite NHL, the games are intense and a great way to spend an evening. Games for both teams take place at the Quicken Loans Arena, and many games have special promotions. Tickets can be purchased through Flash Seats.

There are many events happening in Cleveland this winter. Even though the temperature is dropping there are more fun things to do than ever! So grab a friend and check out all the exciting things this city has to offer. Make Cleveland yours this winter!

December 4, 2015

Social Entrepreneurship in Action: IDEA visits Rustbelt Reclamation & Chateau Hough

Heather Frutig is a candidate in the full-time MBA program.

There are many things that I enjoy about Weatherhead: small cohort size, really easy access to professors, some truly amazing classmates and the plethora of inspiring speakers. But, my most favorite things, and I think this can be extrapolated to Cleveland, in general, are the opportunities for involvement in and the interconnection between organizations. There are so many great organizations and initiatives that want help and a simple demonstration of interest can set the wheels rolling.

One such organization that I’m involved with is the Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Association (IDEA), one of the many student clubs at Weatherhead. As a president of IDEA, I have a ton of leeway to come up with event content. My co-president, Nate Swift, and I, along with our faculty advisor, Michael Goldberg, have hosted panels on topics ranging from bio-mimicry to Cuban entrepreneurship and speakers from as far away as China and Silicon Valley and as close as American Greetings.

One of my favorite events, though, was a field trip to Rustbelt Reclamation and Chateau Hough. Nate and I took a group of students to tour both facilities as a way to learn more about social entrepreneurship. Rustbelt Reclamation upcycles wood reclaimed from around the country into unique and site specific furniture and installations. Chateau Hough is a vineyard in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland that sits on reclaimed land and hires marginalized workers such as parolees who might otherwise struggle to find consistent and reliable work. Both Brinton Lincoln of Rustbelt Reclamation and Mansfield Frazier of Chateau Hough were incredibly generous with their time, space and advice. I know I came away inspired by the work these organizations do.

The idea for the field trip started last semester when Scot Lowry, president and CEO of Fathom Marketing, spoke in my management perspectives class about The Purpose Capital, which is a local organization that he helped start that is working to position Cleveland at the forefront of the Purpose Economy, a term coined by the author Aaron Hurst in his book of the same name. This movement is based on the “indisputable evidence that integrating more personal connections, growth and service into a career or into the mission of an organization results in highly empowered people and teams that flourish on all levels." Both Rustbelt Reclamation and Chateau Hough were named as role model organizations by The Purpose Capital, along with many other local organizations.

This appreciative and powerful mission was something Nate and I wanted to witness ourselves and expose others to and, because of our roles with IDEA and because of the connections we and Weatherhead have within the community, we were able to take a group to meet these leaders and see their operations. This is exactly the type of involvement that I find so refreshing about Weatherhead and Cleveland.