November 6, 2015

Getting Involved in the Weatherhead Community

Jaclyn Agui is a candidate in the full-time MBA program at Weatherhead and vice president of marketing and communications for Weatherhead's Graduate Business Student Association.

Your Weatherhead student experience is what you make of it. The more initiative and time you dedicate to involvement, the more rewarding and engaging your experience here will be. Student club leaders are given autonomy to set up interesting and engaging events that promote not only career advancement, but also networking by bringing cohorts together to form a tighter community. Opportunities for these entrepreneurial initiatives are abundant and participation is highly encouraged. In my experience, I have used club events as an additional information resource in regard to industries and career specializations. This past month, the Marketing Club held a Professional Panel with a good mix of speakers from ALCOA, Nielson, CVS Health, Great Lakes Publishing, Lubrizol and Vitamix. The speakers were all well-regarded marketers in their respective fields, but their specializations and focuses were all quite different, therefore providing a very interesting variety of perspectives to the dialogue.

The panel gave me new insights into marketing data analysis, branding and business-to-business industries, among other things. Moreover, it was valuable to observe the varied responses from each professional. With marketing being such a broad field, it was great to hear all the different viewpoints on which skill-sets to develop most, how to stay at breath with current events, how management decisions are made and current trends in hiring. Afterward, I had the opportunity to speak to one panel professional I shared a similar background with, who was able to provide even more advice and information that directly pertained to my career development.

You never know who you are going to meet or what you will learn, but I guarantee that whether it is information, networking, development or strengthening ties with classmates, you will have a lot of added value to your student experience by being involved and/or taking initiatives as a leader in the Weatherhead community. And those opportunities here are plenty!

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