November 20, 2015

Weatherhead MBA Team at Baylor University's National Ethics Case Competition

Eeshan Srivastava is a candidate in the full-time MBA program.

Last week, a team of four MBA students including Juhi Dubey (second-year student), Chetan Phani (first year), Rohit Singh (second year) and myself headed down south to Waco, Texas, to represent Weatherhead in a national-level case competition on ethical leadership. The competition was organized by the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University and featured 12 teams from across the country. The objectives of the competition were for each team to: (1) analyze a case on a global business corporation allegedly involved in unethical practices in order to gain profit, (2) support or refute those allegations and (3) provide recommendations to the corporation on addressing those concerns and realigning their business strategy with ethical leadership.

Teams prepared for one full day and then competed the next day through a 30-minute presentation to judges from academia and industry. Only three teams competed in the finals. Unfortunately, we were not one of those teams but we gained a lot of learning and experience through the process itself and also by watching the final teams compete against each other. Baylor University won the competition with a very professional demonstration of their knowledge of ethical leadership frameworks, creating an engaging presentation and a fantastically coordinated delivery of the entire analysis.

Besides the competition, we had the opportunity to attend a speaker series on ethical leadership, where they invited former CEO of Walmart Bill Simon to speak on the role of big corporations in promoting ethical leadership through example. We were able to also network with MBA students from top colleges and experience Baylor University’s newly built Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation. We had only a little time to explore Waco, as we visited the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum and grabbed a few souvenirs. We also had the privilege to experience southern style food, their iced tea tradition and my favoriteDr. Pepper float!

As students of the Weatherhead School of Management, we have the opportunity to compete in national level competitions such as this and gain myriad of experiences. I would encourage current first-year MBA students to compete again in this competition next year and promote what Weatherhead students stand foragents of positive organizational change.

November 13, 2015

Overcoming Jitters: Tips for moving past a bad interview or career fair experience

Meghan Schenkelberg is career and technology coordinator at Weatherhead's Career Management Office (CMO). Follow Weatherhead CMO on Twitter and Facebook.

So, you survived your first Weatherhead Career Fair of the year….professional business suit attire ready. Pitch practiced and not too robotic. Resume updated and polished. Possible employers researched and questions queued up. Confident and savvy is what you hope you exude to land an internship or full-time position. You are the ideal candidate.

Then nerves set in and you can’t remember your first name. How does that happen??!!

Easily. We are only human and jitters get the best of us. If this happened to you on October 23 do not feel defeated, rather feel proud that you did your best, and next time you will improve. You can never fully prepare because you do not know how you will react until the recruiter is in front of you.

If nerves got the best of you on October 23, here are some tips for next time:
Take deep breaths
Practice out loud
Create a plan and work it
See the recruiter as a human being (don't be intimidated!)
Let your research provide confidence

Career Fairs are overwhelming because of the buzz of people all around. Competition fierce. High hopes and stakes. The best practice is to try to block out everything and focus on the goal at hand.
There is always a next time. I have been on countless interviews and only at a handful have I really done my best. My younger self was horrified at how red my face became during an interview or how many times I stuttered. Now, I am proud that I went and I have the experience behind me. For me, more practice and more networking lead to an invitation to apply for a position. Always a good sign!

In the interview for my current position, I was confident because I knew they were thinking of me in the role. My four-person panel interview for this role was a success because I focused and took deep breaths and let my true self shine. It took time, but all those mistakes in earlier interviews prepared me for the role I was meant to be in.

If you had the jitters, you are not alone. Accept it, learn from it and improve next time. You finished that day with more insight than you know, and you will be more prepared for the next Career Fair or interview that comes your way.

Remember, the Weatherhead Intranet is loaded with interviewing information. Peruse these titles to brush up for your next interview:
How to Prepare for a Behavioral Interview
List of Behavioral Interview Questions
Telephone Interview Tips

The CMO team is a phone call (216.368.3662), email or steps away in PBL 160. Meet with a team member to do a mock interview or to help map your next steps on the career search.

November 6, 2015

Getting Involved in the Weatherhead Community

Jaclyn Agui is a candidate in the full-time MBA program at Weatherhead and vice president of marketing and communications for Weatherhead's Graduate Business Student Association.

Your Weatherhead student experience is what you make of it. The more initiative and time you dedicate to involvement, the more rewarding and engaging your experience here will be. Student club leaders are given autonomy to set up interesting and engaging events that promote not only career advancement, but also networking by bringing cohorts together to form a tighter community. Opportunities for these entrepreneurial initiatives are abundant and participation is highly encouraged. In my experience, I have used club events as an additional information resource in regard to industries and career specializations. This past month, the Marketing Club held a Professional Panel with a good mix of speakers from ALCOA, Nielson, CVS Health, Great Lakes Publishing, Lubrizol and Vitamix. The speakers were all well-regarded marketers in their respective fields, but their specializations and focuses were all quite different, therefore providing a very interesting variety of perspectives to the dialogue.

The panel gave me new insights into marketing data analysis, branding and business-to-business industries, among other things. Moreover, it was valuable to observe the varied responses from each professional. With marketing being such a broad field, it was great to hear all the different viewpoints on which skill-sets to develop most, how to stay at breath with current events, how management decisions are made and current trends in hiring. Afterward, I had the opportunity to speak to one panel professional I shared a similar background with, who was able to provide even more advice and information that directly pertained to my career development.

You never know who you are going to meet or what you will learn, but I guarantee that whether it is information, networking, development or strengthening ties with classmates, you will have a lot of added value to your student experience by being involved and/or taking initiatives as a leader in the Weatherhead community. And those opportunities here are plenty!