October 9, 2015

Business School Minutia: Focus on the Trees, Step Back to Take in the Forest

Heather Frutig is a candidate in the full-time MBA program.

Business school is a two-year job search. Most things that we do have the end goal of a good job in mind. What a “good job” looks like is student specific. It can be high paying or meaningful or simply higher up the chain than what we were doing before. No matter what the end looks like, the means is the same for all of us. Lots and lots of minutia.

Like brushing our teeth every morning and evening to ward off cavities and rock a white smile, business school is a long series of small and seemingly insignificant actions. All the little decisions that we make on a small scale add up to create the people who we are. The small choices dictate the greater result. Business school is all about the details, the small decisions, the minutia that determines who we are. The weekly readings, meetings with professors, executive summaries, check-ins with the Career Management Office, coffees with contacts, information sessions and prepping for interviews. It’s these actions that seem to make the difference between being a successful student and and simply going to school.

We’re given a bunch of time to reflect on our vision, values, priorities and life goals and then use those parameters to tease out what an industry, position and career looks like. The next step is to dive into the details of club meetings and job interviews and professional organizations and believe that when we emerge, we’ve been true to ourselves and created the right framework.

From my current vantage point mired in the middle of my third semester, I think the trick is to focus on the trees but periodically step back and take in the forest. It’s the trees we have control over but it’s the forest that we’re living in.

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