February 27, 2015

Building community through GBSA

Jaclyn Agui (photo: seated, right) is a first-year student in the full-time MBA program

Weatherhead provides many resources and events for students of all programs to participate and be involved, which in effect builds a sense of community. It is because of this community that as I progress in my first year of the MBA, I grow passionate about what this school has to offer and want to find a means to contribute to the development and change of this organization for the future. Participating in the campaigns for the Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) was one way that I and a number of my classmates felt would make a valuable impact on this university.

I myself ran for the position of VP Marketing within a team slate. Other positions to run for included: President, Executive Vice President, VP Academic Affairs, VP Finance, VP Operations and VP Social Activities. Voting week displayed all the effort and time that all candidates put into their campaigns. Quality campaigns were promoted in the form of videos, personal in-class presentations, posters and flyers and even paper fortune tellers.

During this week, one day is specifically scheduled for presentations and debates from the running candidates. I enjoyed the chance to listen to my fellow competitors explain their ideas and vision for a better program. A common trend was noted in each of our speeches: We all are reaping many benefits from Weatherhead, that to be able to make a positive change, while building a more diverse community, is a rewarding opportunity. I felt that these elections provided a chance for students of different programs to get to know each other better and encouraged more communication about what students want to see changed from their school and program.

I was fortunate to have been elected as vice president of marketing alongside all my team slate members. We had a great time working together and an even better time meeting and connecting with other students. Moving forward we want to continue emphasizing the importance of supporting our school and overall work to improve the student experience.

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