January 12, 2015

Coffee Connections at Weatherhead

Gagan Tongiya is a first-year student in the full-time MBA program at Weatherhead.

You are in a completely new city. You are in a place where you barely know anyone and you have to find your way through meeting people. One thing that is most important for you is networking. This is the story of Business School. Oftentimes people don’t even know where to start. Now imagine if you are paired to meet someone who has been in our shoes, who has made a successful career and who can sit down with you and mentor you.

Coffee Connections is another highly praised initiative of Career Management Office at Weatherhead, which puts every student in touch with an alumnus who has a similar background. You are given the contact details of an alum to contact him/her and set up a date for a coffee meeting. The relationship you make with the alum doesn't finish at the coffee meeting; it is meant to continue to guide you throughout your journey at graduate school and beyond.

Weatherhead has very successful alumni and they feel proud to be a part of such a wonderful school. The idea is to provide each student with a mentor who can answer the questions the student has and guide the student in his or her choice of career. Weatherhead's alumni network extends all across the globe, and alumni try to help students beyond geographic or any other limitations.

Jackie Sanders, MBA '01, founder of Purple Carrot, came from New York to meet students

This is a very good opportunity for students to learn from the experiences of the alum. Alum also help students grow their network, which can help students in their job searches.

Visit Networking at Weatherhead or stop by the Career Management Office for more information.

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