January 20, 2014

RISE- Redefining Investment Strategy Education

Last year from April 4th - 6th, I fortunately took part in the 13th RISE Student Investment Conference, which is an unforgettable two-and-half-day experience.

Weatherhead Students at RISE
The conference consists of two parts. The first day comes with the general discussions of hot topics in the financial market. It will feature CEOs, financial professionals, and chief economists from many of the top firms on Wall Street as well as respected financial media and the Federal Reserve Bank. The topics will range from the projection of performance in the stock market to the next move for the Federal Reserve. If you keep following the news in WSJ, you will find the discussion very exciting and forward-looking from those top scholars and big stars in the financial world.

The second day and half are comprised of all kinds of career information sessions presented by professionals that are focused on daily life in that area as well as career strategies. I remember I participated in an equity research info session. The session started with a mock morning call, which is very similar to a real work environment. From that I get to know how an equity researcher begins his day and what the workflow is like in an equity research firm. I also joined a risk management case study, in which five people pretended to be the investment bank, commercial bank, Federal Reserve, Clearing House and Government to deal with a bailout. From it I realized how different the interest of each party is when reacting to the same issue.

In my opinion, the RISE conference gives a panoramic introduction to all topics in finance, including portfolio management, equity research, investment banking, hedge fund and fixed income, etc. It is like a ‘feast’ for finance students. If you are not certain about which direction in finance you want to go in the future, you could talk to the people from that area and get a taste. Even if you are clear about your career path, it is also a good opportunity to network with people from New York and Chicago. It is definitely a wonderful social event to participate in during the semester, which only takes a three hour drive from Cleveland.

If you are interested in participating, you could find more information here.


I am from China and have been in Cleveland for one year. I love it here, although there have been a lot of surprises. I will write about my life, including the joy and frustration that comes with getting my Masters of Science in Management - Finance degree at Weatherhead School of Management and with living in America.

Hope you can get a little inspiration from my story and make your life even more wonderful here!

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