December 20, 2013

Winter Fun at Playhouse Square

Looking for something interesting and out of the ordinary to do over break?  I encourage you to go to a show.  Cleveland is the home of Playhouse Square, the second largest theater complex in the US.  That’s right – outside New York City, we boast the best theater scene in the country.  As you can imagine, the shows are fantastic!  And there is something for everybody.  In the past year, I’ve seen a half a dozen shows in three different theaters at Playhouse Square (a bit above average for me).  All were enjoyable and beautifully done, but each experience was uniquely memorable.

Wicked at Playhouse Square
From Case Western Reserve, it’s an easy Healthline ride straight down Euclid Avenue to once in a lifetime opportunities to see celebrated shows like Wicked or The Lion King!  The simple, direct commute and tickets through SmartSeats and frequently-offered student rates make a date with Playhouse Square more accessible than you might think.

There is nearly a century of history behind Playhouse Square, which I leave to the experts and invite you to read about here.  Its future is bright – lit by a giant chandelier, in fact.  Renovations have spread from the theaters to the district, and it will be exciting to watch as more changes take place this coming year.  Restauranteurs are, of course, keenly aware of the value of Playhouse Square, and there is more than one fine dining experience waiting for those who wish to take “dinner and a movie” up a notch to “dinner and a show.”


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