November 8, 2013

Best Places for Coffee Around Weatherhead

Coffee topped my list of “must haves” while I was in grad school.  Ok… it still does.  I’m willing to bet you agree that a morning cup of coffee is essential.  (For my avid tea drinking friends, this post applies to you too.)  If at all possible, I try not to make someone endure a conversation with me before I’ve had a coffee.
But coffee doesn’t just keep us going.  It’s a way to connect with people.  Meeting for coffee can be perfect for working on a project, networking, or catching up with a friend or colleague.  It’s no wonder there are so many coffee shops!  But of course, they’re not all the same.  Even the several Starbucks in University Circle have different vibes.  Atmosphere matters when you’re choosing your coffee destination.

The Coffee House
If you’re having a more professional meeting, you might want a bustling shop with some background noise.  The Starbucks on Euclid and Cornell is a great central place to meet, and its location means people are always running in and out.  If you’re looking for quintessential coffee house charm, the Coffee House at University Circle has it – complete with squeaky wood floors and a community board with ads listing everything from apartments to events.  As packed as it was when I stopped in the other evening, it was so quiet!  Everyone was either studying with headphones in or enthralled in hushed conversation.  They even have small rooms upstairs where, if it’s not too busy, you could have your own private study space.  If I need to get some reading done but don’t want to sit at home, I’ve found my spot.

The Coffee House and Starbucks are both easy walking distance from Weatherhead, and from a few years of experience, I am happy to tell you that you can make it to either of them on a 15 minute class break.


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