August 2, 2013

Who's who at Weatherhead?

With its oddly shaped walls and hidden study spaces, the Weatherhead School of Management's Peter B. Lewis Building can be a strange place to navigate. Here's some insider information, the who's who of people you need to know and why. Because we don't want you to set off in the wrong direction!

Lanette - You can find her behind the counter at the Peter B. Lewis cafe, located on the first floor of our building. Lanette manages the cafe with commanding authority. So speak up, don't mumble and let her know what you want to order. And don't, by all means, underestimate her. She's sassy. We definitely advise new students to make friends with her. She's a riot and someone worth saying 'hi' to every day.

Kim - As our security guard, she'll be the first face you'll see once you walk into the Peter B. Lewis Building. Just remember she sees all! Kim's priority is making sure our building continues to be a safe place for us to work, learn and study. So, follow the rules and be respectful. Once you get to know her, consider stopping by to tell her thanks for what she does each day. She could share some crazy stories of past incidents in Peter B. Lewis, but more than likely she'll keep these stories locked up tight!

Jeff, Dan and Andy - This trio can be seen all around the building and often show up just when you need them most. You might hear them referred to as "Laura Watt's team." Their area of expertise is classroom technologies and facilities. They often come to the rescue of professors or speakers who are having trouble with our tech and equipment. Very useful, and sarcastic, guys.

Mimi - She actually works for two departments: Student Affairs and Classroom Tech & Facilities. You can find her at the front security desk filling in for Kim or in the Graduate Student Services office greeting all those who come looking for answers and help. Mimi's motto: get an answer for those who ask or point them to the right person. Special tip: Mimi loves the Cleveland Indians!

Department Administrators - One might say that the Department Administrators (DA) are the backbone of the academic departments. Each Weatherhead faculty department has a DA who works directly with our faculty and department chairs to help keep things running smoothly. 
  • Accountancy -Elaine Iannicelli 
  • Banking & Finance - Tedda Nathan
  • Design & Innovation - Gail Stringer 
  • Economics - Teresa Kabat
  • Operations - Tedda Nathan 
  • Organizational Behavior - Lila Robinson

Wendy - She works in the registrar's office and is quite possibly the sweetest person you will ever meet. She's worked at CWRU for many years, but her true passion might just be sustainability, instead of diplomas and transcripts.

Weatherhead ITG - Don't get this group confused with the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) ITS team. Weatherhead ITG maintains the website including development, back-end architecture, maintenance, all our databases and our printer stations, while CWRU ITS can help you with things such as your email and network ID. They are full-up on the genius factor!

Maggie and Hannah - Maggie works directly with Weatherhead ITG team on and manages the school's main social media accounts. Hannah is the school's resident professional writer who crafts countless stories of alumni, faculty and current student successes. They are two people to know, and shamelessly share your news with.

The INTRAnet - Alright, we know this isn't a person, but it is a resource you will need. Bookmark it, memorize the URL, cloud it, Tweet it to look cool; only CWRU students, faculty and staff have access to this site:

See you in a few weeks!

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