August 16, 2013

Little Italy

Little Italy, Cleveland Ohio, a few blocks from Weatherhead.
Anytime is a great time to be in Little Italy, but I don’t think anyone will argue if I say that now, while the weather is beautiful, is not to be missed. And this weekend, the streets are flooded with people for the 115th Feast of the Assumption. The lively festival, held each year in religious observance of Assumption Day, includes art, music, and more delicious food than anyone could eat. If you can get there this weekend, enjoy the festivities! If not this weekend, you’ll find Little Italy to be a happily bustling and delicious place any day.
Any morning, stop in Presti’s Bakery for a coffee and a pastry (and some for later). If you’re looking for lunch, pizza is the way to go. Mama Santa’s offers casual dining and is a Cleveland favorite, or grab a slice to go from one of several pizzerias. Maxi’s is a new personal favorite for dinner - their escarole appetizer will make any garlic-lover happy.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in the right neighborhood. The pastry cases seem to have endless options!  Huge cakes, luscious cannoli, biscotti, tiny cookies… And then there’s gelato – perfect for a hot summer evening. You can’t go wrong with any of the flavors. Even the flavors with long, unfamiliar names sound irresistible, and if you’re not sure how to pronounce the one you want, it’s ok to order by pointing. Walk with your gelato, window shop and pick up a unique gift for yourself or someone else. The music pouring from restaurant doors is sure to make you smile. And if you walk up the hill, just past a little wine shop, you might even get to watch a game of bocce.

So, go to the Feast of the Assumption at least once while you’re at Weatherhead. But there is plenty to enjoy every day in Little Italy. For me, it’s a bit like a mini-vacation.

Katherine Gullett, MBA '13 - Cultural Contributor

I’m a Cleveland native who loves my city, and I am thrilled to be sharing it with you. It seems I always have recommendations of things to do and places to see. This summer, I’ve started experiencing the city from a fresh perspective—by getting here and there on my bicycle.

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