August 16, 2013

Little Italy

Little Italy, Cleveland Ohio, a few blocks from Weatherhead.
Anytime is a great time to be in Little Italy, but I don’t think anyone will argue if I say that now, while the weather is beautiful, is not to be missed. And this weekend, the streets are flooded with people for the 115th Feast of the Assumption. The lively festival, held each year in religious observance of Assumption Day, includes art, music, and more delicious food than anyone could eat. If you can get there this weekend, enjoy the festivities! If not this weekend, you’ll find Little Italy to be a happily bustling and delicious place any day.
Any morning, stop in Presti’s Bakery for a coffee and a pastry (and some for later). If you’re looking for lunch, pizza is the way to go. Mama Santa’s offers casual dining and is a Cleveland favorite, or grab a slice to go from one of several pizzerias. Maxi’s is a new personal favorite for dinner - their escarole appetizer will make any garlic-lover happy.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in the right neighborhood. The pastry cases seem to have endless options!  Huge cakes, luscious cannoli, biscotti, tiny cookies… And then there’s gelato – perfect for a hot summer evening. You can’t go wrong with any of the flavors. Even the flavors with long, unfamiliar names sound irresistible, and if you’re not sure how to pronounce the one you want, it’s ok to order by pointing. Walk with your gelato, window shop and pick up a unique gift for yourself or someone else. The music pouring from restaurant doors is sure to make you smile. And if you walk up the hill, just past a little wine shop, you might even get to watch a game of bocce.

So, go to the Feast of the Assumption at least once while you’re at Weatherhead. But there is plenty to enjoy every day in Little Italy. For me, it’s a bit like a mini-vacation.

Katherine Gullett, MBA '13 - Cultural Contributor

I’m a Cleveland native who loves my city, and I am thrilled to be sharing it with you. It seems I always have recommendations of things to do and places to see. This summer, I’ve started experiencing the city from a fresh perspective—by getting here and there on my bicycle.

August 9, 2013

7 career tips before you start grad school

As we start putting final touches to our presentation for orientation for the Career Management Office, I am also putting myself in your shoes and trying to wonder what’s going through your mind. Some of you must have left your current job and pondering how you are going to survive the next two years without a paycheck. Some of you might be thinking about life in a new country/culture. I am going to keep this piece focused on topics related to your career. We understand that you spend a lot of time thinking about what type of positions, functions, industries and employers you might like to work for during your summer internship and upon graduation from the MBA/MS programs. That’s why you are pursuing these degrees, isn’t it? Well, let me tell you that it’s very common for students to lack focus and clear direction about the role, functional area or industry to target from a career search perspective. It’s very important for you to discover who you are and your interest in terms of industry, functions etc. Narrowing down distinct areas of interest is essential for you to have a successful internship and career search process.
The less serious side of Meenakshi Sharma
on a trip to Pisa, Italy.
Someone recently asked me what tips/advice I will give to incoming students. I thought about an interview I did with Businessweek a few years ago and have compiled a list based on my experience and hearing from partners from other schools:
  1. Pre-orientation groundwork: We strongly advise students to familiarize themselves with as much of the online resources we provide as possible prior to arriving on campus. These resources include intranet resources, the school’s social and professional networking sites, student blogs, list of professional organizations in the area, etc. A certain degree of familiarity with the school’s specific systems and tools can help a lot during the fast-paced academic year.
  2. As most of the incoming students will be seeking internships for the following summer, it is necessary to have a solid foundation for your resume by the time you start the program, considering how quickly the career search process begins once you are here.
  3. Networking works: Speaking from experience, the majority of jobs are landed by networking effectively. The concept of networking can seem overwhelming, but developing a strategy and establishing a customized approach to one’s own strengths and weaknesses can help facilitate the process. For example, students can develop a structured networking plan that helps them figure out where they fit in and how they need to grow. Students who come from industry are also encouraged to maintain dialogue with senior executives at their current organizations to see what kinds of opportunities might open up after graduation.
  4. Students should prepare personal target lists of employers/companies and research their patterns of recent MBA employment. For example, a student who might be interested in capital markets sales and trading should evaluate options based on current market volatility and be prepared for a broader set of opportunities in the financial services industry.
  5. Market knowledge: Being up-to-date with what is happening in the business world is very important. In addition, you should be able to communicate your market knowledge to appropriate audiences, be it a general HR person or an industry expert. If you haven’t already, start reading The Wall Street Journal and other relevant business publications on a regular basis.
  6. International students: Research and try to understand legal and practical limitations of employment options in the U.S. prior to starting the program. For international students coming to the U.S. for the first time, it is also important to talk to current students and recent alumni to understand the job search process in the U.S., so that you can leverage your skills accordingly.
  7. Professional wardrobe: Having a smart, effective wardrobe will be very important throughout your business career, starting right here in school on day one. This goes for both business formal attire as well as business casual attire. Having a smart suit for interviews and appropriate clothes for various networking and related events is a must. Stay on the conservative side, the suit and related accessories are not meant to divert attention from you.
Enough serious talk. Let me welcome you to two years of fun. You might question your sanity at times, but you’ll keep these two years with you for the rest of your life. The career search process is just that – a process that needs a lot of reflection and guidance. Think not just about the first job out of school, think about the path you’re about to set yourself upon. We’re here to help; will look forward to seeing you all smiling on the day of your graduation!

Meenakshi Sharma
Assistant Dean of Career and Student Affairs

Check out Meenakshi's quote in Ready Set B-School: Final Preparations, Businessweek August 2011

August 2, 2013

Who's who at Weatherhead?

With its oddly shaped walls and hidden study spaces, the Weatherhead School of Management's Peter B. Lewis Building can be a strange place to navigate. Here's some insider information, the who's who of people you need to know and why. Because we don't want you to set off in the wrong direction!

Lanette - You can find her behind the counter at the Peter B. Lewis cafe, located on the first floor of our building. Lanette manages the cafe with commanding authority. So speak up, don't mumble and let her know what you want to order. And don't, by all means, underestimate her. She's sassy. We definitely advise new students to make friends with her. She's a riot and someone worth saying 'hi' to every day.

Kim - As our security guard, she'll be the first face you'll see once you walk into the Peter B. Lewis Building. Just remember she sees all! Kim's priority is making sure our building continues to be a safe place for us to work, learn and study. So, follow the rules and be respectful. Once you get to know her, consider stopping by to tell her thanks for what she does each day. She could share some crazy stories of past incidents in Peter B. Lewis, but more than likely she'll keep these stories locked up tight!

Jeff, Dan and Andy - This trio can be seen all around the building and often show up just when you need them most. You might hear them referred to as "Laura Watt's team." Their area of expertise is classroom technologies and facilities. They often come to the rescue of professors or speakers who are having trouble with our tech and equipment. Very useful, and sarcastic, guys.

Mimi - She actually works for two departments: Student Affairs and Classroom Tech & Facilities. You can find her at the front security desk filling in for Kim or in the Graduate Student Services office greeting all those who come looking for answers and help. Mimi's motto: get an answer for those who ask or point them to the right person. Special tip: Mimi loves the Cleveland Indians!

Department Administrators - One might say that the Department Administrators (DA) are the backbone of the academic departments. Each Weatherhead faculty department has a DA who works directly with our faculty and department chairs to help keep things running smoothly. 
  • Accountancy -Elaine Iannicelli 
  • Banking & Finance - Tedda Nathan
  • Design & Innovation - Gail Stringer 
  • Economics - Teresa Kabat
  • Operations - Tedda Nathan 
  • Organizational Behavior - Lila Robinson

Wendy - She works in the registrar's office and is quite possibly the sweetest person you will ever meet. She's worked at CWRU for many years, but her true passion might just be sustainability, instead of diplomas and transcripts.

Weatherhead ITG - Don't get this group confused with the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) ITS team. Weatherhead ITG maintains the website including development, back-end architecture, maintenance, all our databases and our printer stations, while CWRU ITS can help you with things such as your email and network ID. They are full-up on the genius factor!

Maggie and Hannah - Maggie works directly with Weatherhead ITG team on and manages the school's main social media accounts. Hannah is the school's resident professional writer who crafts countless stories of alumni, faculty and current student successes. They are two people to know, and shamelessly share your news with.

The INTRAnet - Alright, we know this isn't a person, but it is a resource you will need. Bookmark it, memorize the URL, cloud it, Tweet it to look cool; only CWRU students, faculty and staff have access to this site:

See you in a few weeks!