July 5, 2013

A place to recharge

Katherine Gullett 
There are spots of nature dotted throughout University Circle, among the businesses and cultural and academic institutions. Wade Oval is a welcoming green space surrounded by museums and the Cleveland Botanical Garden. But there is another oasis, just behind the Museum of Art and just down the street from the Peter B. Lewis building, that is really my favorite place on campus. From the street, you may not realize that it’s open to you. And even if someone told you about it, you couldn’t get the full effect until you walk down the sloped path into the grounds of Wade Lagoon.

Trees that blossom in springtime and rustle in the breeze; the calm, slightly rippling water; an encircling path to stroll on; and benches, stones and grass to sit on make this a favorite place. Its visitors are folks of all ages, each taking it in at their own pace--kids pointing to the fish and chasing the geese, a man reclining on the white marble steps that lead to the Museum of Art, business women in walking shoes on a lunch break.

For students, it’s a place to take your lunch, connect with a friend, study in the sunshine, or simply let yourself slow down for just a moment. For me, the lagoon is part of the culture of University Circle and it’s the kind of place that is always a source of energy.

Katherine Gullett, MBA ’13 - Cultural Contributor 
I’m a Cleveland native who loves my city, and I am thrilled to be sharing it with you. It seems I always have recommendations of things to do and places to see. This summer, I’ve started experiencing the city from a fresh perspective--by getting here and there on my bicycle.

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