June 7, 2013

Cleveland Newbies

Happy in CLE
Part of acclimating yourself to the Weatherhead community is immersing yourself in Cleveland and all the great things our city has to offer. For Brandon McFarland and his fiance, Megan Hopkins, Cleveland, Ohio, is their new home. They moved to Cleveland in March so Megan could start her new job and Brandon could begin networking in the local business community prior to starting his MBA in the fall. The Michigan transplants had enjoyed their Dean's Weekend visit last year and fell in love with Cleveland, so they were looking forward to moving here.

Since March, Brandon and Megan have balanced work, networking, and wedding planning with getting to know their new surroundings. Thankfully, they have found some time to discover some of the hidden gems in the area. When I asked Megan about what her favorite place in Cleveland is, she mentioned Cuyahoga National Park, which features the beautiful Brandywine Waterfalls. This 33,000 park area attracts nearly 2.5 million visitors every year! CNP features great hiking trails, canoeing and kayaking areas, and horse trails.

Recently, Brandon, Megan and I attended a Cleveland Indians game with some of their new friends. Megan told me her favorite thing about Cleveland is the people, and it was great meeting some of the people they have already established close friendships with in a short amount of time. 

Megan and Brandon are not only embracing this new chapter in their life and looking forward to their big day with great anticipation, but they are doing so as the saying goes around here, "Happy in CLE." We here at Weatherhead wish them nothing but the best on their big day and all their married days to follow.

Al DiFranco
Director of Admissions

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