May 31, 2013

Meenakshi Sharma and her wonderful staff in the Career Management Office (CMO) are responsible for a significant portion of my job search success. For me, finding a job was like taking another class at Weatherhead.  The staff provided me with everything necessary to achieve my goal of changing careers. All I had to do was learn, practice and execute!

On the advice of members of the class before me, I attended as many workshops and informational sessions as I could. I learned so much about the peaks and pitfalls of searching for the right job. CMO staff members are meticulous about providing the necessary tips and trainings to help you get the job you want. Additionally, they brought in guest speakers from a variety of different industries to share their success stories and what they look for as hiring managers. I can honestly say that the things I learned during these sessions were just as valuable as anything I was taught in finance, accounting or marketing in terms of helping me secure my internship at the Cleveland Clinic, and then eventually my role as business analyst with Centric Consulting.

One of the most meaningful offerings that CMO provides is the coffee with alumni program. This networking opportunity is designed to give students access to alumni, in their field of choice, who can answer real world questions and provide keen insights into the industry. If it had ended there, I would have been happy. However, with some extra effort and a bit of luck in having good matches, I gained two mentors. Both Jared and Tim took time out of their busy schedules to help me focus on my internship search and then eventually provide me with access to their networks when it came time to finding a job. Having such dedicated alumni, both in Cleveland and in other major cities, is something that truly distinguishes the Weatherhead experience.

The Career Management Office’s commitment to my success made all the difference. It certainly took a lot of effort on my part, but it was all worth it in January 2013 when I received an offer from Centric Consulting. I owe CMO a lot and I am happy to pay it forward to the next cohort of Weatherhead MBAs, just like my coffee with alumni mentors did for me.

Dale Stewart, MBA '13

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