April 26, 2013

Advice for a stress free finals week

Final exams are coming up. 
Hang in there, everybody!

From the heavy backpacks to the heavy eyelids, it’s clear that the end of the semester is upon us at Weatherhead. And with the end of the semester comes Stress Free Week! As a member of the Student Affairs team for nearly two years, I’ve witnessed 4 final exam periods, dozens of requests for a stapler that will work on 2-inch-thick projects, endless pleas for more coffee, and a handful of suggestions that we add showers and beds to the student lounge. Now, showers and beds are not on the list of up-coming projects, but each semester our team puts together a series of events meant to make this time of year a little less painful. During finals week students can stop in for a 10 minute massage, a slice of pizza, a stash of healthy snacks, a cup of Starbucks coffee, a scoop of ice cream, and then sail away at the end of the week on a dinner cruise aboard the Nautica Queen. Our own Graduate Assistant, Xi Chen MS Finance '14, has been hard at work finalizing the plans for finals week while managing her own assignments, projects, and studying for exams. So how does one balance their academics, job and extracurricular commitments, and personal life during the busiest time of the year? My advice: you have to sleep! (I learned that lesson the hard way in graduate school.)  –Jessica Landis, Student Affairs

Read more student and staff recommendations to lessen your stress:
  • Singing your way out of stress would be a fun way to feel fresh and stress free.  –Soumya Nair, MBA '13
  • I deal with finals stress by taking a run on the treadmill and watching Real Housewives.  –Sarah Palagyi, MBA '13
  • Don't miss the exercise during the finals week. Exercise = feeling like an angel walking out of heaven. No exercise = no good.  –Thu Ra, ORSC '14
  • I start my day with coffee and end it with a cocktail.  –Laurajeanne Cerniglia, MBA '13
  • Candles. Harsh light stresses me out after a while. I set aside two hours in the evening to read a book, or just be with my thoughts.  –Alisha Minter, Admissions
  • Exercise. A lot of it. Yoga, weights, running. I'll do anything to keep sanity during finals time!  –Josh Marx, MBA '13
  • Working out works stress away.  –Xi Chen, MS Finance '14
  • I like to listen to music, like pop, dance, or light music.  –Xuefeng Zhou, ORSC '13
  • Don’t forget your body’s basic need to sleep and breathe.  –Katherine Gullett, Part-time MBA '13
  • I figured out that studying with a group releases stress. Additionally, studying as early as possible will help lessen stress during the final since you can have a plan for each class.  –Olivia Chen, ORSC '14
  • Dealing with finals stress? What finals? I'm still trying to tie off loose ends on the gargantuan projects.  –Josh Lee, MBA '14
  • I don't deal with finals I put up with them since we have to do them.  –Noelle Frazier, MBA '14
  • During exams, stock up on granola bars, fruits, popcorn etc., and have it handy to munch on. You will feel less stress while studying.  –Jayesh Potdar, MBA '13
  • Exercise!  –Adam Kassir, MBA '14
  • Be confident in what you've learned during the semester.  –Jessica Lehmann, MBA '14
  • I’m a big fan of making to-do lists. When you cross something out, it’s the most awesome thing ever. Taking one thing at a time is the most effective and efficient way for me to work and it helps me to prioritize.  –Amanda Li, Undergraduate Accounting Major '15
  • It's really awesome being a second year- I have no finals! Now, if I can just get past these final projects and papers, I can graduate!!!!!  –Jamile Karout, MBA '13
  • Work out.  –Shannon Greybar Milliken, Student Affairs
  • Take a walk. Make sure you take an occasional break and enjoy the outdoors.  –Al DiFranco, Admissions