April 29, 2013

Anything but finals

We asked current Weatherhead School of Management students, "What would you rather be doing than preparing for final exams/projects?"
  • I'd rather be spending quality time with members of my cohort before we graduate and move on to our futures.  -Sarah Palagyi, MBA '13
  • I enjoy the opportunity to prove myself academically, but I would be lying if I didn't say that I would rather be playing golf or laying on the beach with a cold drink!  -Dale Stewart, MBA '13
  • I would rather be sleeping, eating, or drinking instead of preparing for finals.  -Noelle Frazier, MBA '14
  • I'd rather be looking for jobs or watching Game of Thrones.  -Josh Lee, MBA '14
  • I'd rather be visiting with my friends - especially those who are moving after graduation. It's hard to predict when we will all be together again.  -Laurajeanne Cerniglia, MBA '13
  • Things are hectic now. I'm in the final push of the semester with homework due and one last test to prepare for. It's more stressful because I am abroad at a conference but the pain is almost over. I would much rather be enjoying London, UK and focusing on the conference but there will be time or that ... Prioritizing correctly is a must these days. I don't have time for things falling through the cracks!  -Julius Korley, Part-time MBA '13
  • I tell myself every 30 minutes that I need a job. These final projects are great- but I'd rather be interviewing for jobs, or convincing people that they should be interviewing me, or taking over the world!  -Jamile Karout, MBA '13
  • Exercise. A lot of it. Yoga, weights, running. I guess I'm fairly predictable!  -Josh Marx, MBA '13
Current students, want to add your "What would you rather be doing?" comment to this list? Email caseweatherhead@gmail.com.