March 8, 2013

Why Weatherhead is a great fit for me

I come from China and did my undergraduate in Shanghai in economics and mathematics. After that, I found myself no longer enjoying theoretical or mathematical work. I am quite interested in Finance, though. The Master of Science in Management-Finance program at the Weatherhead School of Management is a good fit for me, since it matches the direction that I would like to develop my career in. The courses they offer also interest me very much.

My experience so far

Before I came to this program, I was not very sure what the school life would be like in the U.S. and I was a little bit worried about how I can quickly get used to it given the program is so short (one and a half years).

So far I would say my experience at Weatherhead has exceeded my expectations. The courses are wonderful and taught by dedicated professors. The coursework is a little bit heavy, however, it encourages me to learn as much as I can. Weatherhead provides us with all kinds of resources for studying and developing careers. People are very nice here, and you can always turn to someone for help when you need it. The experience is beyond my expectations because it not only challenges me, but also provides me with plenty of help. I feel myself making progress all the time.

Getting settled in and finding a place to live

The Case Western Reserve University Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) helped me link to International Friends, another organization in Cleveland. International Friends helped me find a host family to accommodate me for one week when I first arrived in Cleveland. The family then helped me find an apartment to live in.

I would recommend that new students, especially international students, look for help through local organizations, like International Friends, or current students at CWRU when looking for a place to live. The process is more efficient and easier with the help of local people.

Best part about living in Cleveland

My life in Cleveland is quite simple. Studying keeps me busy during the semester and I spend my breaks traveling all over the US. At first sight of Cleveland, some may think that there are not many things to do here, especially for international students. But actually, there is a lot to explore, like performances by the Cleveland Orchestra, exhibitions in the Cleveland Museum of Art, skiing in national parks, etc. I have experienced a lot that I was not used to doing before and I like the different style found in Cleveland.

It might be a little inconvenient to live in Cleveland for people who do not own a car. But what I like most about Cleveland is the natural scenery. Sometimes walking is very enjoyable. When I walk along the road, I can always find myself immersed in the sunset next to a uniquely styled house.

What I have been involved in outside of class

I have been trying to network with more people outside of class. It is very exciting because you keep getting to know new people who will bring new ideas and new stories to you. Also, I feel it is very helpful to learn about real work experience, which is a great supplement to what we have learned in class. I enjoy the process very much because learning from people is also beneficial and it builds my confidence in my communication skills when dealing with all kinds of challenges.

Yi (Frances) Shi
Master of Finance, Class of 2013

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