March 19, 2018

CMO Hosts CLE Healthcare Trek

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Career Management Office recently hosted a Healthcare Trek on February 9. The day began with breakfast and networking at the Cleveland Clinic including a presentation from Distance Health. Then students went to University Hospitals for conversation with UH CFO Michael Szubski and lunch and discussion with the Department of Operational Effectiveness. The day ended at MetroHealth speaking with Julie Jacono, director of strategy & business development, and a networking reception with Weatherhead alumni. It was a very productive day with a wide variety of topics including:

Values-based healthcare
Role of big data in healthcare, and how data is being used to drive improvements and clinical outcomes
Policy and government in healthcare
Strategies to cut costs and save money within the healthcare industry
Innovation within healthcare
Process improvement 

Harsh Ranjan, MBA ’19 Candidate, gave his thoughts on the trek:

Provide an overview of your day/experience:

Being an international student, I had very little knowledge about the American Healthcare system, but by the end of the day, I had a newfound respect for the industry and professionals. It is amazing to get an insight of how they are striving to come up with innovative ways to serve people in need while adhering to the stringent laws and policies governing the industry, which can often be a hindrance when trying out something new.

What was the highlight of the healthcare trek for you?

It was interesting to know how all of the three hospitals we visited were in a fierce competition with one another, highlighting the highly competitive nature of this industry. Additionally, we were exposed to how each one of them is developing unique solutions to differentiate themselves by targeting various population segments and providing customized services appealing to their respective market audience.

How did the trek impact your career interests/goals?

Our MBA courses at Weatherhead have taught us various strategies/concepts along with the use of analytical tools which can be useful for each of the three hospitals we visited. The trek has made me confident that I can contribute to this industry and has definitely highlighted the healthcare industry as an interesting career option. 

Why should a student consider participating in a trek?

The healthcare system is one of the biggest industries in the country. This trek taps into Weatherhead's close proximity to three major institutions to give you the inside scoop and the opportunity to connect with the upper echelons of the industry, which can lead to future career/internship opportunities. Even if you don't have an interest in healthcare, I would recommend participating since it will enlighten you with hidden facts and figures that will change your perspective of the healthcare industry for sure!

March 1, 2018

Student thoughts on the International Alumni Panel

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Weatherhead's Career Management Office hosted the annual International Alumni Panel and Luncheon on February 3, 2018. This event features alumni who share their past experiences and how they landed positions in the United States. We had an outstanding response with 25 alumni coming back to campus to share their stories. This event has proven to be an effective way to get first-hand knowledge on the career search as an international student.  

International Alumni Panel & Luncheon is always hosted at the beginning of the Spring semester. We highly recommend that you attend next year and every future opportunity that involves alumni. Remember to frequently check CareerLink to see what Workshops and Information Sessions will be happening next.

WSOM graduate students shared their thoughts on the event:

1.  Describe the best insight(s) you received from alumni?

      “I attended the alumni panel and met with the ORSC alumni such as Gloria, ShaSha and Lu Liu. The best insights I received from them include networking and being communicative with people around. As international students, we tend to stay in our comfort zone only hanging out with friends that we know. They told me that it is not just enough to find opportunities for a career or advance in careers and receiving recommendations on LinkedIn helps. As a Business Analytics student, I also asked for some analytics advice from Robert Chen from MTD. He said SQL and R are very powerful and widely used tools that we all should be proficient in. As I will be starting my internship at the Cleveland Clinic Business Intelligence department, I was advised by Amy Chen, MBA, from the Cleveland Clinic, that I should also look at my future goals before considering a H1B sponsorship from a company or organization. Especially, we should make sure that we fit in with the company's culture or if there is a possibility to grow within the organization.”  Su Latt, MSM-Business Analytics Candidate 2018

“I learned things such as… the right way to reach to alumni, how to handle behavioral interviews, follow-up email matters, and that it’s important to understand/know the company/profile you are applying for.” Mohan Kantamaneni, MBA Candidate 2018

“The best insight I received was to always remain in a positive attitude during the job search.” Yifei Xu, MSM-Finance Candidate 2019

2. What was your favorite part of the event?

“My favorite part was the ORSC Alumni Panel, where all the alumni seem to agree on all core skills such as great interpersonal communication, being a team player, presentation skills, networking, analytics skills and problem solving.” Su Latt, MSM-Business Analytics Candidate 2018

“My favorite part was the panel session with alumni from different fields sharing insights.” Mohan Kantamaneni, MBA Candidate 2018

“I really enjoyed having the ability to talk to alumni face-to-face.” Yifei Xu, MSM-Finance Candidate 2019

3. Would you recommend the event to other students?

I would definitely recommend this event to other students—not only international but also domestic students. These alumni gave us great points on the success not only in searching for a job but also in the workplace and possible promotion opportunities. Especially if we know we are interested in a particular company, it is a great opportunity to network with someone who went through the same process that we will be going through. It's always refreshing to hear from someone from the company or organization that you are interested in because they know the company internally.” Su Latt, MSM-Business Analytics Candidate 2018

“Yes, definitely!” Mohan Kantamaneni, MBA Candidate 2018

“I recommend this event greatly.” Yifei Xu, MSM-Finance Chain Candidate 2019

February 8, 2018

Student Report: 100 Days Until Graduation

Stephanie Hagen is a candidate in Weatherhead's MBA program.

It’s hard to believe there are now less than 100 days left until graduation! (Not that anyone is keeping track, but the Cleveland Marathon’s website has a convenient countdown.) As a full-time MBA student, it can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of classes, homework, and applying for jobs (or, for those more fortunate among us, working at said jobs) and forget to appreciate our time at Weatherhead.

One of the highlights from my MBA experience has been the opportunity to work at the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. The Fowler Center is based on the idea that by creating value for society and the environment, businesses can create even more value for customers and shareholders—“doing good” can (and should) be part of a company’s core mission, not just an afterthought.

This is such a refreshing idea. When I was first applying to business schools, I had just left Washington, DC, and my prior dreams of changing the world through public service. A part of me wondered if I was selling out, giving up any ambition of making a positive impact on a larger scale. 

However, as I started to explore Weatherhead and the Fowler Center, I realized that business could also be a powerful force for good in the world.

As a Fowler Family Fellow, I’ve had the opportunity to work part-time with the Fowler Center. In helping with research and event planning for various projects, I’ve come to appreciate even more the importance of business in shaping the future. Here are two examples:

AIM2Flourish: AIM2Flourish is a global initiative that highlights businesses around the world that This is a pretty cool experience! Last year, I interviewed the owner of Storehouse Tea, a local organic tea company that focuses on hiring refugees. Not only is the company fully committed to social and environmental responsibility, but it also offers amazing loose-leaf teas. 
are helping to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As part of our core course in Sustainability, first-year MBAs at Weatherhead interview a business leader and write about their innovations in stories that are published on

Other Cleveland-based companies highlighted range from BrownFlynn, a sustainability consulting firm, and EPOCH Pi, an investment firm focused on conscious capitalism, to Sherwin Williams, which recently introduced an antibacterial paint, and Great Lakes Brewing Company, a craft beer company focused on the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. Right now, the Fowler Center is working on the logistics for the 2018 Flourish Prizes and a local Cleveland celebration in the spring…stay tuned!

Fourth Global Forum: Every three years, the Fowler Center brings together executives, entrepreneurs, and change agents to explore how flourishing enterprise can improve performance. The most recent Global Forum happened last summer, from June 14 to June 16 at the Tinkham Veale University Center. The other Fellows and I helped with the behind-the-scenes logistics to make sure the event ran smoothly and got to listen in on the keynote presentations. One of the coolest parts involved bringing Flourish Prize winners from around the world—including students, professors, and business leaders—to Cleveland to participate. It was amazing to see how individuals from completely different industries, backgrounds, and countries shared a dedication to business as a force for good.

The Fowler Center was key to my decision to come to Weatherhead, and it has continued to shape my perspective on the role of business in society. I’m excited to look for ways to put these ideas into practice as I start my post-MBA career!